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Originally Posted by The_AirHawk View Post
And wallets with chains on them. And Beef Jerky - can't forget the Beef Jerky! Or the leather purses, or the cigarettes, or the special-edition pickup trucks (13 "Harley Davidson" emblems, one "Ford" emblem), umbrellas, playing cards, sunglasses, hardhats, workboots, workgloves.............

You forgot underwear?
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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
You forgot underwear?
Nah, Superman and Batman have that market all sewn up.
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Default HD is greater than Honda

Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
That, and (I paraphrase here) "the only way we're going to sell cars in the US is to make our reputation with motorcycles." Bikes were just a foot in the door for Honda.
Oh yes. Honda started motorcycle production to start selling cars in America. As Honda made motorcycles well before cars they must have had an extra large crystal ball.

To put things into perspective they sell stuff in more countries than McDonalds. They make 12 million motorcycles a year, HD makes 0.3 million. Honda is also #1 in many other fields too, for example they make more engines than anyone else on the planet. When Honda borrows money they don't have to pay 15% annual interest.

- cruiz-euro
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Wow, way to post in a month and a half old thread, good job.
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Originally Posted by newagetwotone View Post
Wow, way to post in a month and a half old thread, good job.
Not only posting on a month and a half old thread, but managing to get it completely wrong.

Honda Motor introduced its first car in 1957, the N360. Honda announced its intention to enter large scale automobile production in the early 1960s. The first Honda motorcycles were introduced into the United States in 1959. And then came the problems with the product. Soichiro Honda believed his products to be world class and informed the sales and marketing staff of this. The American public saw this differently when Honda motorcycles began blow head gaskets and lose clutches. Stunned by this, Soichiro brought the motorcycles back to Japan. Working with the funds which the government had capped, Honda was able to re-engineer the motorcycles to meet the demands of the American consumer. Soichiro Honda: "Our motorcycles must demonstrate an extremely high level of quality if we are to enter the American automobile market."

It hardly takes a crystal ball to do the math on selling a few hundred thousand bikes a year for a few thousand dollars each versus selling over a million automobiles at tens of thousands of dollars each. Of course, this was an easy mistake for you to make; we know that no other Japanese manufacturer has used motorcycles (Suzuki cars) as a way to enter the US market (Kawasaki construction equipment, tools, cranes) and sell (Yamaha outboards) other products.
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Default 2010 Honda Fury

I just purchased this bike and it looks awesome! I rode a demo at a rally and was sold! Smooth ride, great looks, the motor has already proven itself dependable and most of all it's affordable. Being a female rider I have the desire to ride a cool bike without having to 'chop shop' it out. H&W Honda had the color I wanted delivered to the rally! Cool! People would ride by and take pictures of my new bike! When I am riding down the road people turn back and look at the awesomeness of this bike. The power I need is there when I need it and unlike a lot of guys I don't need to have a big motor to have fun. This bike is more than enough for the average rider-not knocking the engine at all. Female riders will hook up with this bike in a heartbeat and guys didn't seem to hesitate about riding the demo at the rally. It's like a growling tiger waiting to get out of it's cage. My husband rides a full dressed Harley and my new baby keeps up just fine. It's sexy and styling as it rolls down the road!
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That's cool. Glad you like the bike! You're obviously not afflicted with chopper-snob mentality that insists if a bike is not a Harley it can't be any good. It really is a nice-riding bike that also happens to look really nice. Cynical hardcore bikers scoff at plastic chrome, but if it makes you happy, who cares what they might think.
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