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Really- if I still lived in Midtown ATL I think I'd buy a Triumph Bonni Thruxton. Cheap to own. Cheap to insure. You put on the "off raod" pipes and buy some Works Shocks for the back and Traxxion Dynamics Fork work and you'll have a bike that can spend the weekends at the track.
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Originally Posted by longride View Post
The great thing about Sachi's rant is that you can't tell that she absolutely hates cruisers. With her description, I'm suprised cruiser riders could make it around the block without screaming in agony! Gotta laugh.
Actually, I don't hate cruisers. They do fit some people reasonably well (and I agree that many Harleys have a decent seating position.) What I rant about is the assumption people make that because a bike seems comfortable when you are on it for five minutes in a showroom, it will be comfortable to ride for more than an hour. Like I said, people forget that motorcycles are dynamic machines and that "fit" can be assessed only when it is moving.
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I'll sell you a Concours.
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Since you're 5'7", and you want a cruiser, and you want something not too heavy, I'd say look at the new for 2009 V-Star 950.
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Don't go to the dark side!

That said, cruisers are more comfortable, at least for me, on long rides.
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+1 on the above posts. FWIW, I have seen some cruiser riders really hustle big Hogs through the twisties. My suggestion would be to reconsider and look at naked/standard bikes.

The Buell Ulysses is quite comfortable for both rider and passenger. It's also nimble, relatively light and makes decent power.

If you like the performance of sport bikes, why not look at sport touring bikes? While not the lightest, they do provide a nice blend of comfort and performance.
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Take a look at the Triumph Tiger 1050. It will give you the best of both worlds. I often put in more than 500 miles in a day on mine and it's quite comfortable for the long haul. Throw on the hard cases and it's good for days of travel. What I like better though is it still retains enough sport bike to make it a blast when you feel like hanging a knee out, shredding through the curves, and seeing three digits on the speedo.

Another overlooked bike is BMW's F800ST. All the great bells and whistles that come with BMW, comfortable for the long haul, sporty for the short. Belt drive makes for no routine maintenace.

With both bikes, fuel economy is superb so you're not stopping at every gas station, and the cases pop right on and off so you can switch out from cruising to carving in seconds. - Wayne
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Good advice from all, and actually what I first thought of when reading your post. SV650, FZ600, FZ600R, FZ1000, GSF650. I can only last about an 1or2hour's on cruisers unless it's a GL1800 or something in that catagory.

Imo, a standard seating arrangment is alot more easier on your back and spine, and give a more natural posture when riding for long period's of time.
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Originally Posted by SmokeU View Post
I'll sell you a Concours.
It's the only way you'll ever get rid of it; apparently they cannot be worn out. My friend Les who bought mine a year ago when I got the Vee has been beating the crap out of it in Orlando traffic daily, and it's still running fine. The thing was 20 years old when I got it and nobody had any idea how many miles it really had then (speedo had been changed at least once). He's bringing it South for a Keys run over the holidays; probably an 800 mile trip by the time he's done.
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I have been looking for the exact same thing you are for some time.

I have always come back to the Honda VTX 1300C

its got good power for highway, but isn't immensely huge.

Let me know what your looking at or have decided on because I need the same thing. A cruiser that can handle the city well but has enough power to cruise 2-up also.
This puts us in the 1200-1400cc range, and not too heavy. Thats really the power output needed in my opinion. If its 800cc your comfortable with then the suzuki M50 is the best. If they made this bike with a little more power i'd go for it.

Let me know what your looking at.

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