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Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
Funny how they all sh*t a brick at the thought of the suits in the banking industry in trouble (through their own greed and stupidity) and beg for $700 billion but when a manufacturer who through direct and indirect means provides close to 200 million family wage jobs is in trouble (through their own mismanagement stupidity and greed)they balk at $25 bil. and lament their need for change, blame the Unions etc.. something of a double standard here and proof of the on going assult on the middle class. These capitolist bastards won't be happy until we're all working for peanuts
Rather than a conspiracy I think that any company that pays $100K per year to fork lift operators is doomed.

Though your point about the middle class is well taken. Capitalist, socialists... whatever.. it's the middle class that always takes the hits.
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There's plenty of blame to go around and it's time the UAW opened their eyes to the world around them. For the industry to survive there's going to have to be some take-aways, something the IAM has had to deal with over the last few boom and bust airline cycles.

However this is the third time since the 70's that the big three have been caught with a product line-up heavily slanted towards inneficient large pick-ups, cars and SUV's while all but ceding the sedan and small car market to the Japanese and Koreans. That is strictly an issue of inept managment and lack of foresight.

The UAW rank and file build cars equal to and in some cases ahead in quality to everyone elses, unfortunately they build the designs they're handed and can not be responsible for incompetant market analysis
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How can they be failing? GM only makes 3 cars, with 15 different names and badges. I had such a hard time choosing between the GMC Suburban and a Chevy Suburban. Yep LR, I'm one of them. Would suck for the country but they have no intention of changing, well from what the "media" is presenting the big 3 actually saying before congress. Bank bail out is a bunch of cr@p too. The flood of SUV's got us in the oil crisis to begin with. Though my $2.19 for premium last night was refreshing. Now to buy that SUV...
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