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Default qlink legacy 250 is it good?

Does anyone know if qlink's legacy 250 is a good bike and how fast will it go? Im looking for my first bike and came across the legacy.
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Originally Posted by spqrbird View Post
Does anyone know if qlink's legacy 250 is a good bike and how fast will it go? Im looking for my first bike and came across the legacy.
Can you throw up a link, never heard of it. Wheres it manufactured?
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There's a nice write up right here on Motorcycle.com, focused on the automatic transmission version. I think they were very courteous, even generous, in their review.

The manufacturer had a tent in front of the track at Daytona during Bike Week. I took a good look at them, partly because my disabled buddy is always looking for automatic bike alternatives and partly because I'm interested in what those wiley Chinese are up to.

These bikes define the expression "cheesy." It's hard to imagine a brand new bike corroding under a tent within a couple of days, but I swear they were. The fasteners looked like those ones you get with the $8.00 BBQ Grill at Walmart (square nuts, soft metal). You could flick the chrome off the parts with your fingernail. And the "styling." Why in the name of heaven did they install plastic speaker grills in the side of the fairing? There's no speaker. Top speed: don't even think about it, what, you want to kill somebody? Oh, but WAIT!!! IT HAS A USB PORT UNDER THE SEAT!!! WOW!!!

If you want a disposable beater to throw on it's side in the yard when you get home from school, maybe this is your bike. Otherwise get a used bike from the Big 4.

2008 QLINK Legacy 250 - Motorcycle.com

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My daughter bought a Genuine Scooter (made in India) from a dealer who also had some Qlinks. The salesman said that he would sell Qlinks but tries to steer people away from them because they are such shyt.

I'd stay away from Chinese scooters and bikes. After seeing a brand new Lifan ATV with a broken axle after the first outing I'd avoid wasting my money on Chinese junk. There's a reason that they are so cheap.
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