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Default Lake Erie Loop June 7-9

For information and registration:

lakeerieloop : Lake Erie Loop X

NOTE: I participated in this many times and one the "Big Bore" class, 200cc or below, with my trusty touring rig, a 2002 Aprilia Scarabeo 150. Unfortunately, during prep two years ago I grenaded the engine. 16,000 miles at or near redline and full throttle will do that. So this year I'll be using my Nighthawk 750 and running in the noncompeting "touring" class. That means, folks, you can too. Come on, a nice day long, 650+ mile ride around Lake Erie. And since I'm not competing, I'll probably take it a bit easier this year.

Basically, people get to the campground anytime on Friday and turn in relatively early. Then the next morning they get dressed and ready to leave at 6AM (I think). Then we all get back, and amazingly, most make it back, and then the stories of the road, beer, etc.

If you want to get into the groove of it, feel free to watch the documentary. The Lake Erie Loop part 1 - YouTube (It's a 4 part playlist).
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Default Giores, Stejnar, Mezir and Lares Indonesia

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Default Gambal, Felipe, Jack and Arokkh China

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