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powersteven 04-21-2011 07:23 PM

New energy company
Power Transfer International Ltd is a new energy whole integrated system solution supplier for the field of new energy vehicle and new energy storage.

In China, “ten cities, thousands EV” policy of new energy vehicle has put in practice for two years. By the main way of fiscal subsidies, using 3 years time, per year developing 10 cities, each city establish 1000pc new energy vehicle as the demonstration project, with the target to expand new energy vehicle operation mode to 10% lots in vehicle market until year 2012. China State Grid issue the basic swap/charge station commercial mode that is swap station crucial , plug-in charge auxiliary, concentrated charge, centralized distribution.

PT cooperates with China State Grid, participate in the building of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games swap station, 2010 Shanghai Expo swap station, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games swap station. Meanwhile, PT successfully bid for the demonstration charge station program in Dalian and Hangzhou cities that sponsored by State Grid. What is more, PT earns rich practical, workable, profitable experience in EV manufacture, charge/swap station building, public electric bus and electric taxi operation.

PT widely set foot in many industries of new energy area and can provide mature and perfect solution, service and products. Our products are consist of charging station, swap station, charging pole, LiFePO4 battery, LTO battery, charger, 8KW charge module, BMS, motor and controller, integral whole EV dashboard, GPRS remote monitor system for EV.
PT product applications include charge/swap station building, electric vehicle, electric bus, special vehicle, movable energy and communication energy storage of railway system, sea buoy, wind-solar energy, base station spare energy storage, electrical station energy storage, enterprise electricity energy storage and so on.

Meanwhile, Those products supplied by Siemens, Bosch etc we can also provide. We are also an agent of an electric power system manufacturer in China which was built in 1964 and it is the Reclaimed of relaying of relay protection and automation equipment of China power system. We are OEM for ABB and GE. We can make the same quality as Schneider. It was awarded a name of “birthplace of China power system .It is the largest enterprise in China for producing relaying protection and automation equipment for power system.

We cooperate with many domestic famous enterprises, formed as strategic alliance. The alliance is power battery systems integration solutions provider, and new energy overall operational supplier. Our members are AVIC International Holding Corporation, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, ACheng Relay Company Limited, Aerospace Hi-Tech Holding Group Co. Ltd., Automobile Engineering Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University, NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kaimah Technology Co., Ltd., Power Transfer International Limited etc. And domestic market rely on Shenzhen Kaimah Technology Co., Ltd., overseas market rely on Power Transfer International Limited.

PT has been maken progress rapidly in developing the overseas market and gains more and more customers’ appreciation. Our customers are widely over North America, Europe, and Asia etc. We establish the connection and cooperation relationship with some famous carmakers and electricity power companies.

We welcome kinds of information and communication and provide the best service to our global customers.

Power Transfer International Limited
Office: 11F Front Block Hang LOK Bldg 130 Wing Lok ST Sheung Wan HK
China office: Room 215, Building 202, Chegongmiao Industry Park, Futian District Shenzhen, China
T: +86 755-23946519 F: +86 755-82504013 /
Email: / Web: Power Transfer

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