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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
I disagree. I think the original f-up, by a Democrat, was when LBJ privatized it in the 60's to finance the Vietnam War. It may well be that Billah put his cronies in charge, but, where the fu<k were the bank regulators, auditors, and all the other checks that we're supposed to have over the past decade that this crises has been building? Apparently all the restraints and good business practices were tossed out the window, and nobody called them on it. You'd think that somebody in the FDIC, SEC, Justice Department, etc. would have been looking, but no, the attitude was let's all make a pile of money and let it ride. This seems especially obvious when you're talking about institutions that represent 46% of the total national debt, and that control 90% of the secondary mortgage market.

I don't care if Clinton put Bozo the Clown in charge, the Federal Government should have been paying attention. And, if you knew up front that Clinton had put his cronies in charge, wouldn't that be all the more reason to watch them like a hawk? Except they didn't want to, they wanted to create this false economic boom and make the bucks, tomorrow be damned.
Remember this too KMo. Taxes. Property taxes. The local gov'ts were raking it in during this boom. You really think the politicians wanted this to end.

We had phony accounting scams during the dot com boom and the gov't was raking it in with capital gains taxes.

When gas is $4 a gallon the state govt's make way more in sales tax than they do when it's $2.

It's what happens when we think the gov't should "do stuff" for us.
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Default Take that!- Ken

Straight from America's most beloved Libertarian Talk Show Host- Neal Boortz:

Bill Clinton has been making the rounds lately. Two comments that I want to bring to your attention.

First, Clinton actually defended John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign until a resolution is reached on the financial crisis. Even Clinton points out that John McCain didn't do this because he is "scared," which is what a lot of fellow Democrats were saying. Clinton reminds us that it was John McCain who was asking for more debates, town hall events, and Barack Obama is the one that refused ... probably because the Obama campaign has yet to figure out a way for Obama to use a teleprompter during a town hall meeting. I still think that this is a silly campaign move. But we'll see if it pays off for him.

Bill Clinton also said that the Democrats aren't entirely blameless for our current financial situation ... Nancy Pelosi, are you listening? He said that Democrat should have highlighted the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and "tried more aggressively to regulate derivatives." He even somewhat acknowledged the "possible danger" in his administration's policy of pressing Fannie Mae, the mortgage company, to lower its credit standards for lower- and middle-income families seeking homes.

Got your msg Ken. Good to hear from you. Kim's fine- btw. Just thought I'd brighten your day
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