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Originally Posted by Buzglyd View Post
Jerry Brown and the Dali O have pretty much cleared out CA. I had the mountain mostly to myself.

Ahh good, all the Kalifornicators who snivel about the endless monsoon-like deluge that we call rain can piss off back to Califor-ni-a and leave us alone. Besides between Earth-Raping Loggers clear cutting the entire state and our leftist government straightening out the one or two nice roads around here for all the OWS/WTO peace queers in their Prius's protesting logging there's no good riding left anyway.......

I hear Utahs nice though,
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Originally Posted by Buzglyd View Post
Kenneth, tell me again about those roads in FL with some corners!
Well, there's the one on A1A in Delray Beach that curves around the inlet, and then I really like the one on Ridgewood Road that is actually TWO curves that connect to make an "S." That one's almost 1/2 a mile combined. And don't forget our thousands of on and off ramps...real knee-draggers, every one.

That's the new(ish) Beemer 6 in the photo, right? It looks pretty sporty from that angle. How's it holding up, any final drive failures yet?
318 curves in 11 miles."
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