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Unhappy In Memory of the SPECWAR Dead...

A very good post about the SEALs, written by an O-6 aviator.

This, in response to the recent shoot-down of the Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan.

I’ve Met Them « Neptunus Lex
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Wow, a moving piece. I always cracks me up how many fat-assed middle aged men claim to have been SEAL's back in 'Nam until they find out you're a Vet too and can read them like yesterdays news.
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And then you have the politicians that wonder why it's such a big deal when they lie about their service.
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Ha! I saw Seals in Nam and had to insert/extract them a couple of times. Scary dudes that you left alone. That said I know a couple who transitioned very nicely into civilian life. They think the fakers are laughable.

Ever notice that there are no "proud Canada-runners" in politics any more? No draft dodgers! Amazing!
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I just keep my mouth shut about SEALS and Rangers. I know enough to know I don't know **** about what they've been through, and what they can do. I have a heap O' Respect (with a Capital "R") for them.

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Does anyone know if Demi Moore was in Seal Team 6?

Too bad they made her cut her hair off.
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