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Default Random daily event

So, I'm down at the Dekalb County Courthouse today picking up a couple of craigslist goodies from a deputy. After I get my biz taken care of I'm standing in a back hall way of the courthouse and walking toward me is Kid Rock. He was in civil court today answering a lawsuit from a beat down he gave to some smartass in a Waffle House after a show in 2007.
Not one to miss an opportunity I intro'd myself. He actually took about 10 mins to talk to me before his publicist moved him on. I've seen his shows a few times, but what we talked about was a show that happened in (I think) 1999. His band was on a bill with Metallica, Korn, and I think Slipnot. That day Hetfield was playing on Lake Lanier and in a tragic PWC accident flung himself off the craft and hurt his back and neck.
All the opening bands had played and there was a two hour gap as they were doing their best to get James on stage. No dice- too hurt. So, Metallica's unhurt members come to the stage and explain that James is down and they will make up the show to the fans in a couple of months. At that point 15000 or so people left the 40k persons in arena. About 20 mins go by and Lars comes out astounded that there are people just hanging out. They bring the band on stage and start rockin! Everything- their songs, covers, partial songs- like a jam session. Every opening act's lead singer and or other band members join and it turns into a 2hr plus show. Kid Rock and that boy from Korn were the ones that pulled most of the lead singing chores, but even Kirk sang lead at one point if I remember through my beer haze correctly.
Anyway, before he left he signed my kid's riding gloves that were in my jacket and he told me that the screwed up night during that Atlanta show is still one of his favorite days in his touring history. No one left unhappy but Hetfield. That's only because he was hurt.
What a weird Tuesday it was.
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Funny how life works, eh?
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Cool memories, for sure! That's the krazy kizmet of life!
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