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Default The Audacity of Oops

Great column by Buckley who supported the Dali Obama during the campaign.

The Audacity of Oops - Page 1 - The Daily Beast
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That can't be Obama's speech. Where's "As I've said before", "Let me be perfectly clear", and "This isn't about me"? Where are the words "unprecedented" and "extraordinary", used incorrectly?

BTW, what's the over/under on cutaways to Scott Brown in the gallery?
Reverēre meam auctōritātem

Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer are praising the Supreme Court for overturning an anti-gay-marriage law that they both signed.
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I called in the smart folks in my administration, many of them educated at Harvard, and I put it to them directly. I said, “Is this my fault?” And to a person they said, “No, sir! No way!”

I said to them, “Well then, whose fault is it?” And they said, “It’s the bankers, Mr. President. The scum-sucking, stimulus money-accepting, bonus-awarding, self-regarding swine who inhabit the street of shame and infamy, the harlot’s den known as Wall Street.”

I said to them, “And what are we going to do about them? We can’t hang them all. We don’t have enough rope. And anyway, rope is expensive and I’m trying to cut the deficit. Ideas, people. I want ideas.”

So tonight I can announce to you, my fellow Americans, the creation of a bipartisan commission to study how to kill the bankers in an efficient and hemp-sensitive manner.
Bush and Cheney! You forgot to hang Bush and Cheney!
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I really like this reply:

You didn't want a candidate with a record of achievement (and failure). You didn't want a man already measured. You wanted a blank slate. A blank slate you could project all your hopes and dreams upon without having to worry about reality.

You got what you wanted.

At the time of his election to the presidency, Barack Obama had no meaningful experience or accomplishments in the field of politics. You knew nothing of his character or his capacity to lead. You didn't care. He looked the part and said the right things. Your imagination did the rest. Now that Obama is faced with real life, and his lack of experience and defects of character have been exposed in the most painful manner imaginable, you find yourself professing shock...

Really? What did you expect? Seriously. What did you expect?

You didn't want the sort of politician who could draw on experience and strength of character to get things done, you wanted the sort of politician you could give yourself a big hug for supporting. It was never about Barack Obama; it was about you. And if he's ****ed it all up, it is in no small part because you ****ed it all up, too. You got what you wanted. You wanted Barack Obama and you got him.

That's not Barack Obama's fault.

Dennis the Peasant
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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