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Default ISO Motor Sport Enthusiast for NEW Venture

I am looking a Motor Sports Enthusiast Investor/Partner in California or Oregon that is looking to create an Enterprise that is very exciting and highly profitable. I am in Start-Up Phase. I have the Products, Prototype of Pilot Product, Company and Product Names and Logos, Patents, Domain Names, Business License and VIN Numbers. The Production Line is designed to maximize productivity and cut cost. Pilot Production Line has Potential profit up to $40,000/Week. The market is excellent and targets are in place. I have the knowledge and all that is needed is you.

I am a Service-Connected Disabled Marine Veteran, Senior Mechanical Designer for 30 years. I designed Telescopes in Observatories, CNC, Robotics, etc. I own many designs that are not related to my employment history. I was self-employed for 20 years and rode Harleys for 30 years. My Harley is my company vehicle. Every part I will use will be fabricated in the USA and I do not believe in the Corporate America scam. We also own and ride horses. Some products play a part in the Horse World.

These are ‘One-Of-A-Kind’ products, designed for the new generation of Compacts and Hybrids, Built like a ‘55’ Brick ****house, Robust but weighs about 160 pounds, SHOW quality, carries the largest Harley with minimum deflection, stress analysis completed and the Prototype is built. You must see and it will sell itself. I call it a Tote. Trailers are made to be pulled everywhere. My Tote is a full size transporting system that transforms in to a compact unit that will fit in most vehicles and even on my kitchen counter. There are no loose parts to lose. No tools required. Like I said, ‘I am an excellent Designer and a great problem solver!

There are no competitors that come close to these. The market is excellent. The motorcycle industry broke their 1 million units per year sales for the last 6 years. 0.1% of this market equals a Million Dollar business. We are also targeting the Water and Winter Sports, Horse World, Advertising and accessories. Plus more to come!

If you are interested and serious of being a Investor/Partner, please contact me for details and specifications. I am the only owner and looking for one partner.

Kenneth Cameron (KC)
(951) 301-8912 Home
(951) 345-8608 Cell
Menifee, Riverside County, California
(Looking to relocate if needed)
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Sign me up! Can you Relocate to Seattle? I am Particularly Interested in your Horse-Related Products. Does the Product require Cupholder Design?
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Originally Posted by schizuki View Post
Sign me up! Can you Relocate to Seattle? I am Particularly Interested in your Horse-Related Products. Does the Product require Cupholder Design?
And if you're a Pile-It, so much the Better!
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