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Just because someone claims to be a "Christian", doesn't make them one.
Parfois, on fait pas semblant
Sometimes, it's not pretend
Oderint Dum Metuant
Let them hate so long as they fear
политики предпочитают безоружных крестьян
Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants
Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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How about we start with putting the family unit back together that the Liberals have been destroying for the last 40 years? Think that might be a start? I'd say it is. The Black families of the 50's actually stayed married, dressed in suits and went to work, and had very few out of wedlock babies, and they could actually walk down the street without getting mugged or killed. How do things in the 'hood' look today? The Democratic Welfare State destroyed whatever self-respect and dignity that was there.

Next up we have what is called 'personal responsibility'. How about we make people actually responsible for thier bad decisions in life rather than bail them out with easy divorce, easy bankruptcy, and easy abortions, and easy welfare along with the coming easy health care? Think that might be a start? You can cry about the Right all you like, but the attack on responsibility and the family unit is a Lefty ONLY agenda. Remember that women don't really need a Father to raise a child? Bullshyt! It takes a village to raise a child? Bullshyt! It takes a Mother and a Father to raise a child, and that is the ideal, and it needs to be put back together. Today, it's a joke. When two seperate welfare checks = more that one Married welfare check, it destroys families. When you can get a divorce by walking in a signing a few papers, that destroys families.

Moral and personal responsibility should be taught at home, not in Planned F*cking Parenthood, certainly not in school where most teachers are asked to be babysitters, and every effort should be made by our Government to support that, and not destroy it. Hell, even hitting your child today results in ridicule and possibly a trip to jail. Unbelievable! Children are a product of their environment and upbringing, and 12er, if you can tell me that today's society and governmental attitude is a good environment to give them a sense of personal and moral responsibility, then you live in a different world than I do.

The problems we see today are a product of years of Left Wing policies and social agenda that anything goes and families are not needed. I see it, read it and live it every day, and nobody needs to forward me that information, and I know from which side of the political spectrum this stuff comes from. The problems will get worse before they get better if the attitude doesn't shift, and shift quickly. Kids aren't 'little adults'. They are kids that need parents, direction and discipline so they can succeed later in life and not feel that just becuase they breathe, that they are the most important thing in the world, and everybody owes them something. I guess I'm one of those outdated and out-of-touch morons that believes in family and personal responsibility. Silly me.
I'm a knucklehead

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I believe in the inate goodness of my fellow man, just in case I'm wrong I concealed carry everywhere I go.
"Carpe` Throttelum -Loud Suits Save Lives"

"He said he's farting because of his medication"...
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