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Default Where else...

... but Afton, Wyoming can you find a combination windshield repair place and liquor store? LOL! You can drive around drunk, hit a telephone pole and go flying though your windshield. Then you can go get a new windshield and more booze at the same place! One stop shopping. Too cool!

The drive thru liquor/ammo/fireworks/milkshakes store thing is cool too.

BTW. There's plenty of ammo in Wyoming. It's just expensive now. $31 for a brick of 22s. Yikes.

But gas is cheaper than anywhere else. $2.39 in Evanston.

I can hear those guys living in Illinois and Calif eating their hearts out now.
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There's a lot to be said for Flyover Country..............
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I saw a box of .380 ACP at WallyWorld yesterday for $38.

Makes me sad to have just purchased a .380 a few months ago.
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The gal behind the counter at the local WalMart uses the handgun ammo shelf to store her purse.

I haven't seen a box of anything (handgun) there in six months.

Heck, the local range was completely out of 45ACP!
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Originally Posted by SmokeU View Post
I saw a box of .380 ACP at WallyWorld yesterday for $38.

Makes me sad to have just purchased a .380 a few months ago.

Yeah I just bought one the other day. The gun shops here seem to have a fairly decent supply though so I'm not too worried.
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I saw this coming years ago and stocked up on everything. I figure I have enough to last for a few good gun battles with the suede denim secret police when they come to take my crippled ass away.

They fear the FN49 the most. Now with the BAR mag it looks like a FN/FAL packing 20 rds of 7.92 (ap of course).

Bring it on saftey Nazis!
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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For some reason that post reminds me of Charlie the Tape Guy at KSC. I worked in RPS, the Record Playback Subsection, which had these massive 32 track magnetic tape recorders. The recorders were running 24X7, archiving telemetry data from the Shuttle, SRBs, ET, etc. The only way to clean the heads of the recorders was with pure grain alcohol. Everclear, basically. Charlie worked 3rd shift from midnight to 8 am, and by the end of the day (morning) he was usually pretty drunk on tape head cleaner.

We had a radio in the office area that played the local "soft rock" station. The news came on about 10:00 am and there was a story of an intoxicated man who'd driven his car through the front wall of the Titusville ABC liquor store. Apparently Charlie'd stopped by for a refill on his way home (the place had an exemption to the local liquor law for to serve the late shifters at KSC) and he manged to plow into 3 rows of liquor bottles. He was so drunk he passed out in his car and slumped onto the gas pedal with the car in gear.

From then on the store was called "Charlies' ABC." And they opened a drive thru window on the side of the store a few months later.
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