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Default Movie Review: Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

Amongst the more obscure genre' of B-movie is the genre' of the Son of God at war with vampires. Even more obscure is the genre' where JC teams up with a Mexican Pro Wrestler to fight vampires. In fact there is only one of each. This screen gem is titled "Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter".

The title pretty much speaks for itself. It's shot on video and the thespian quality of the actors is pretty much as one would expect. It at least does show some continuity and features several battles. And how many movies can boast a main character of Mary Magdalene in purple latex? How many movies can boast featuring JC and MM together in the sauna, huh? How many? Ha! None, I can tell you.

There is some motorcycle riding, maybe a couple minutes worth, but that's enough to justify a review on MO's world class media page!

Though it was obviously shot to be campy it doesn't suffer from the annoying self-awareness and winking-at-the-audience that sinks so many B-movies like (Scream, Scream2, Scream3...... Scream7, etc etc) that try to be funny but only annoy. This is probably because the central idea hasn't been beaten the death yet. To date there are no other JC vs Vampire movies!

Rating a solid 7 out of 10 Oxygen Destroyer Bombs, JC - Vampire hunter deserves a look. It can make a dandy drinking game too. Take a drink every time JC whoops @ss on a Vampire!
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Movie poster:

It's time to fear the sun...the son OF GOD! [Trailer]
YouTube - Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (Trailer)
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Wow that looks pretty recent.

Anyone else remember "Son O'God" comics?
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What, now we're posting .jpegs on the reviews? You just had to escalate, didn't you? Well f' off, zawa, it isn't going to work!

ps: looks like a cool movie!
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