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osakanuc 06-03-2001 01:39 PM

Re: Results 500cc Italian Grand Prix
Is anybody else other than me waiting for the 4strokes? first post!

Nish 06-03-2001 04:09 PM

Re: Results 500cc Italian Grand Prix
Just got done watching the race. I felt so bad for Rossi I wanted to tell him I was sorry myself.

hackfu 06-03-2001 10:14 PM

Re: Results 500cc Italian Grand Prix
Yea, no kidding. Rossi was just barely in the camera frame when you could tell his front-end just tucked under him. My dad and I both stood up when we saw that. Even when Rossi crashed during the sighting lap, you could tell how pensive he was... it was good seeing the team manager (I think) give him a few encouraging words. Really brings it home to me what these guys go through, and especially how much support they get... of course, with the support comes pressure.

Either way, it was a good race... it was a shame to see KRJr crash out from a good position, and even worse to see Rossi go down like that too. That's racing though, and I'm certainly looking forward to the next race!

NickdaBrick 06-04-2001 07:38 AM

Re: Results 500cc Italian Grand Prix
Didn't see the race, but look at that points standing: 1, Rossi. 2, Biaggi. 3, Capirossi. I don't have any kids yet, but I'm going to tell them, "If you want to grow up to be world champ, you'd better eat all your spaghetti." Forza Italia!

das 06-05-2001 04:51 AM

Re: Results 500cc Italian Grand Prix
After the race, they showed another camera angle on Rossi's crash. He actually ran up on the painted curb a bit, and that's what caused the lowside. Certainly heartbreaking for any Rossi fan to watch 20 points evaporate with only a couple turns to go, but it makes the championship race that much closer (and he still has a healthy lead).

Anybody else notice Haga finishing way down at the bottom of the list... again. I was hoping he might bring the same level of wild riding to 500GP that he used in WSB. Oh, well... gives you some additional perspective on how good the GP guys really are.

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