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dwindhorst 05-07-2001 02:22 PM

a reply, and junk...
Ya know, I was gonna say something really apt and cogent in response, but that would be so -- anticlimactic. I think I'll just maintain the suspense, and post it on my homepage instead...

BONGTOKER 05-07-2001 03:30 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
OK OK your little fun and games with "from a Race and Some Stuff" was funny the first time but now you are just being STUPID. Does naming the track in the title have anything to do with not posting who won the race? Did we ever ask for you not to post the name of the track that the race took place at? You guys expect donations from people who you are making fun of now. Are you guys that dim-witted? We ask for a simple change and you guys have to blow it all out of proportion. Why donÂ’t you guys grow up a little and act like professionals instead of little kids.

spedracrxx 05-07-2001 04:33 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
I thought it was pretty funny...

Papasmurf 05-07-2001 05:24 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
Is it just me, or would you expect a guy who goes by "BONGTOKER" to have a little more of a sense of humor? Hungry, yes, but pissy I wouldn't have expected...

It seems to me that one of the great attractions of MO as compared to print mags is that their unique format allows them to have some personality. They do their job, well I might add, and they don't take themselves too seriously. I don't think it's too much for them to ask: if you like it, donate a little.

As for the race issue, I guess it's too much to expect the same people who can't avoid looking at the headline for a day or so to have a sense of humor about the subsequent haranguing.

It really is OK to poke fun at each other.

BammBamm 05-07-2001 09:57 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
I agree the title "humor" is sophomoric. You guys did good with the GP titles, that stated race results, rather than the name of the winner.

However, this continuing ridiculing of your readers concerns has gone too far. I'm contacting my Congressman.

BammBamm 05-07-2001 10:04 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
I check the website at the same time everyday doing my rounds on the internet. I appreciate it if the race winner is not announced prior to the race being shown on tv.

I agree that it is OK to poke fun at one another, but some actual humor and thought would be good. If you think this is funny, you must have visited the bong yourself a couple times today.

Perhaps MO should start a knock-knock joke section for those who are funny bone challenged. Perhaps it should be nac-nac jokes (if you laughed at that you're stoned dude).

kenugly 05-07-2001 11:58 PM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
My sentiments exactly. Jolly good show. For what its worth I read all the motorcycle net magazines and MO is right up there with the best of them. Have some fum f'christ sake I say.

Chester 05-08-2001 01:18 AM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
That is a great point about his name! I didnt even notice. Well done chap!

Chester 05-08-2001 01:22 AM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
Oh, this ridiculing of me is highly offensive. And the fact that the word SOME is underlined up there, I thought it was a link and I was clicking on it like mad, but to no avail. I am really upset now, I just smoked a huge marijahoonie cigarette and Im even madder now. I called Janet Reno, and she agrees with me, this is truly unamerican, the ATF and FBI are setting up outside your compound as I type this. Look out you window.

Chester 05-08-2001 01:23 AM

Re: Quotes from a Race and Some Stuff
I was so mad that I typed you instead of your. Ah jeez.

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