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xIrvx 04-14-2001 07:30 PM

V 5 Fireblade??
The V 5 to replace the 929?? Gee, maybe I can get my deposit back that I put down on the V 8 Norton Nemisis. I think their voice mail isn't working; Norton hasn't been returning my calls.....

VFRider 04-16-2001 07:00 AM

Re: Honda RC211V V-5 Pictures
Yah, and Harley's suck!

Jweltch 04-16-2001 08:31 PM

Re: Honda RC211V V-5 Pictures
Sounds to me like lean popping from the exhaust. Usually occurs on engine deceleration when a motor is running real lean.. my 95 CBR did this before I rejetted it, after I put a pipe on it. Almost sounds like popcorn popping.

tal4321 04-17-2001 02:34 AM

Re: Sound
i wonder who's the riders who's gonna ride on this motorcycle... i mean, rossi, or anyone else in the gp right now can't ride it... because it's just so, so different from the two strokes machine.... plus, the power that could be achived is so much higher than that of a two strokes... maybe they are going to bring tady, and coin to the gp next year, since the rumers say they won't be officially in the superbike next year....

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