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aeroegg 04-08-2001 03:04 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
Oh why oh why oh why did you post the name of the winner in the article title? I think it's supposed to be on Speedvision tonight and I was going to watch it!! Don't do that anymore!!!

I haven't donated yet (working on getting a new bike first), but I planned to. Fix this and I'll chip in.

colin 04-08-2001 04:13 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
Point taken!! No more names in news titles. Enjoy the race anyway.

ckirk 04-08-2001 04:16 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
Thanks - I was going to write a note saying the same thing. Since this is the interactive internet change the hyperlink now to "500GP Race Results" & the same for the others.

Pizzabox 04-08-2001 04:29 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
This has been the best 500cc race I've seen in a long time. Wow! Unbelievable. If it goes on like this, this will be a great GP-season.

Joe_Momma 04-08-2001 04:44 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
I think the constant passing of last years Suzuka race was a whole lot better... Too bad for Roberts. Suzuki must think it's not that important to give him a good bike. THey could have just given him last years bike with the power he needs, but they gave him a bike with less power in the midrange and chatter...

Joe_Momma 04-08-2001 04:45 AM

SUZUKI should give Roberts the equipment he needs.

doohan 04-08-2001 04:46 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
I haven't watched the race yet, but all I can say is Biaggi is an ass! He better get used to watching

Rossi go by him. The kid is amazingly talented, he has factory backing and Mick in his corner. I think what Biaggi is reported as doing should be reason enough to penalize him. I know people swap paint

when racing....(because I've done it myself ) but there is no excuse for driving someone purposely off the track. Maybe the FIM can sanction a new series of racing based on the XFL, then Max can

race like he wants. Too bad about KR, would like to have seen him do better. Last about Criville...what a turd. maybe he should hire Doohan

to set up his bike and show him the fast lines....AGAIN! Ahh ok I'm thru venting.

colin 04-08-2001 04:58 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
Have made the change, but I think the news item titles get updated on the main page via a batch job or something like that. Not changed instantaneously, I'm sorry to say. I'll get the editor to make a manual update asap. Better next time and apologies for spoiling the TV show.

BONGTOKER 04-08-2001 01:21 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results
Boy did I call it it or what. I said Valentino Rossi was going to take the win and Haga wouldn't do that well. Biaggi is such a a$$hole for ridding the way he was. I was cursing at the TV when he stuck his elbow out at Rossi. Well he was showed who the better rider was today.

Patrick-of-the-Hills 04-08-2001 05:02 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results
Rossi, then McCoy, then Biaggi: Who else thinks that's the way the championship's going to go this year? I just have a feeling.

john 04-08-2001 05:58 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results
Now that McCoy has full backing, i think he will do amazing. I was dissappointed when chris walker crashed out so soon, i was hoping him to do well despite reports or him having trouble learning the 500cc. Haga also took a bit of a beating, I am just glad he was able to esacpe all 3 wrecks unhurt. I hope he doesn't turn into a carlos checa. I would like to see Rossi in first, McCoy in second, and Haga at least 5th in points.

MoMo 04-09-2001 02:45 AM

the finger
"...he raised his hand and what looked like a middle figure". No kidding, it was the middle finger? What else would it be? The pointer finger, as in "I'm number one". Maybe a thumbs up, as to say "Hey, way to go, that elbow shot was really neat".

gassit 04-09-2001 02:53 AM

Re: the finger
Go Nakano

gassit 04-09-2001 02:56 AM

They gave him more top end

RobGixxer750 04-09-2001 03:51 AM

Wow, what a race
Well, if anyone hasn't seen this race, make sure you catch a re-run, it is on Tuesday night for one, unsure when else.

Gp500 is the venue to watch this year, moreso than WSBK, AMA, etc. The whole race looked like a 125GP in the respect that there were 15 people more or less within one bike length of the man in front of him at the front. There are also about 15 guys who could win this year, wow is all I have to say.

I really see the demise of WSBK, it's very sad. As much as I like seeing GP being so competitive, did anyone notice Round 1 and 2 of WSBK had maybe 4 people that were under 30 seconds from first place? There are only a tiny handful of people who are on the level to win in WSBK this year, it's most unfortunate. Then with 4 strokes in GP next year, more will leave WSBK. I had speculated the end of WSBK, but I had no idea it would be so fast. Next year it will be a joke I think, and it will be gone by 2003 at the latest IMHO.


RobGixxer750 04-09-2001 03:57 AM

Hey guess what?
You should watch the race, and do yourself a favor, HIT MUTE. The announcers are incompetent at best, they really don't have a clue, have the time calling the wrong man the wrong name, on top of not knowing a bike from a car. Watch any race, at any track, at the end of the straightaway, one thing you will see everyone do. Drop to the outside, to get the smallest angle to apex heading through the turn. Not to mention with everyone "backing it in" on the rear brakes these days, that puts the rear even further out. Biaggi was merely setting up for the turn at the end of the straight. I know Biaggi can be an a$$, but Rossi was not side-by-side, and I seriously doubt Biaggi saw him. When you are setting up for the turn, you are looking to the right, not to see who is next to you and behind. I have no doubts Biaggi held up Rossi by protecting his lines (nothing wrong with that, and it's legal), but this turn was not one of them. What was Rossi going to do, pass him on the outside, on the brakes, on a high speed straightaway?!? haha, that'd be a silly move.

Anyhow, meant no offense to you, I just think the announcers are morons, and I saw nothing wrong with Rossi getting off onto the edge. He was merely mad that he made a mistake, Rossi that is, and blamed it on Biaggi.


RobGixxer750 04-09-2001 03:59 AM

Yeah, you tell him, and go hit that bong again
It's called setting up for a turn foolio. Go read my post a few above you.


hindle 04-09-2001 05:21 AM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
Rossi should have never put himself in the position to be run off the track like that. He was fast for sure and he knew it. As a result I think he was a bit agressive trying to get around Biaggi. He made numerous attempts but couldn't make it stick. It was almost like he was made at Biaggi for not just letting him by. He should have just waited to he got to a passing area where he could make it stick and not give Biaggi a chance to come back. Which he eventually did but all the previous passing attempts were futil in effort and one little mistake could have put them both on the ground.

BBD_Racing 04-09-2001 06:27 AM

Re: Wow, what a race
I gotta disagree with you, Gixx. Remember all those years where Doohan just ran away from everyone? Kinda boring. All those years where McGrath ran away? More boring. Didn't hurt those two series' any, however.

Furthermore, the 4 stroke thing will hurt Gp more the WSB. the cost of those GP 4's will be so high, manufacturers will begin dropping out. It is likely that only Honda will build a fast enough machine.

WSB and AMA SBK both are all about machines that at least seem to be related tot he ones you can buy. That is pretty important.

laverda3c 04-09-2001 07:51 AM

Re: Yeah, you tell him, and go hit that bong again
Actually it is called accelerating for the straight. The incidence happened comming out of the turn onto the straight (how else could Rossi ride "20 meters in the dirt"). Rossi had much better drive and was trying to go around the outside of Biaggi, but Biaggi ran the bike wide and then stuck out his elbow to take up even more room on the track and forcing Rossi onto the dirt.

If you listened to the commentators you would have heard them alluding to an incidence between Biaggi and Rossi at the chicane. So both riders were a bit hot headed; though it was nice to see that they shook hands at the end.

BONGTOKER 04-09-2001 07:52 AM

Re: Yeah, you tell him, and go hit that bong again
So the elbow that Biaggi stuck out on Rossi was fair. If you look closely you will see Biaggi elbow come out and hit Rossi forcing him off the track. If you think that is racing then you have some problems. You are so right about the announcers. They are a bunch of morons.

Lincoln 04-09-2001 08:33 AM

i think it had a little to do with the rider

and i wonder how many of those 500 victories in the last 30 years were on 4strokes?? probably less than 1. honda says it hates 2strokes, but will bask in all the glory 2strokes have brought them. f'ing hypocrites

spindizzy 04-09-2001 05:01 PM

Re: Hey guess what?
Let's see - it was the start of the straight, they entered from te chicane side by side and Biaggi had his elbows out as far as possible. Max knew exactly what he was doing. Your comments about the braking area are woefully off target. They had just exited a corner.

badsac 04-10-2001 03:19 AM

Re: Hey guess what?
All I can say is that you must be biased as buggery if you really think thats what happened. The incident happened at the start of the straight as they were just getting upright after coming out of the corner after the chicane. Biaggi let the thing run wide, but I think the point is he didn't have to. He knew Rossi was there. When you're on a racetrack with loud bikes you can tell exactly where they are when they're close to you. Because you hear them. You don't have to see them.

RobGixxer. Go watch the race again. You got it all wrong.

RobGixxer750 04-10-2001 10:36 AM

The problem
I should have elaborated more. Mainly the part about there only being 4-5 guys who are actually on the same level in WSBK. Several riders have left WSBK for other series, or to quit racing altogether. You have GP500 with about 15 people literally at the front of the race, and in WSBK, it's maybe 1-2 people at the front, one guy lagging 5 seconds back, another guy 4 seconds behind him, then the next guy is 7 seconds back, then the next is like 40 seconds back, about to get lapped. Really only 2 people being competitive at the front, and the rest spaced out.

Winning WSBK won't be a big statement much longer, unless they get some more talent. I preffered WSBK to GP500 last year, but it's no contest this year, GP500 has it in the bag. Then in 2002, I will be glued to watch the big 4's insane machines going at it. I read about the Honda NSR-V 5 cylinder machine today, at MCNews, and it's looking to be a serious beast, along with the rest of the machines in development.

genewoncook 04-11-2001 03:09 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
"...and show him the fast lines again..." LOL

That's hilarious. I kept an open mind w/r/t Criville after he won his championship, but it's pretty clear now that he was an opportunistic follower, not a leader.

genewoncook 04-11-2001 03:23 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results
I think it's too early to rule Roberts out of the Championship hunt. Think how quickly he and Taylor turned that team around. Team Suzuki still has time to put the season together.

Maybe this is the year Abe puts together enough consistent finishes to break into the top three...

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