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BONGTOKER 04-09-2001 06:52 AM

Re: Yeah, you tell him, and go hit that bong again
So the elbow that Biaggi stuck out on Rossi was fair. If you look closely you will see Biaggi elbow come out and hit Rossi forcing him off the track. If you think that is racing then you have some problems. You are so right about the announcers. They are a bunch of morons.

Lincoln 04-09-2001 07:33 AM

i think it had a little to do with the rider

and i wonder how many of those 500 victories in the last 30 years were on 4strokes?? probably less than 1. honda says it hates 2strokes, but will bask in all the glory 2strokes have brought them. f'ing hypocrites

spindizzy 04-09-2001 04:01 PM

Re: Hey guess what?
Let's see - it was the start of the straight, they entered from te chicane side by side and Biaggi had his elbows out as far as possible. Max knew exactly what he was doing. Your comments about the braking area are woefully off target. They had just exited a corner.

badsac 04-10-2001 02:19 AM

Re: Hey guess what?
All I can say is that you must be biased as buggery if you really think thats what happened. The incident happened at the start of the straight as they were just getting upright after coming out of the corner after the chicane. Biaggi let the thing run wide, but I think the point is he didn't have to. He knew Rossi was there. When you're on a racetrack with loud bikes you can tell exactly where they are when they're close to you. Because you hear them. You don't have to see them.

RobGixxer. Go watch the race again. You got it all wrong.

RobGixxer750 04-10-2001 09:36 AM

The problem
I should have elaborated more. Mainly the part about there only being 4-5 guys who are actually on the same level in WSBK. Several riders have left WSBK for other series, or to quit racing altogether. You have GP500 with about 15 people literally at the front of the race, and in WSBK, it's maybe 1-2 people at the front, one guy lagging 5 seconds back, another guy 4 seconds behind him, then the next guy is 7 seconds back, then the next is like 40 seconds back, about to get lapped. Really only 2 people being competitive at the front, and the rest spaced out.

Winning WSBK won't be a big statement much longer, unless they get some more talent. I preffered WSBK to GP500 last year, but it's no contest this year, GP500 has it in the bag. Then in 2002, I will be glued to watch the big 4's insane machines going at it. I read about the Honda NSR-V 5 cylinder machine today, at MCNews, and it's looking to be a serious beast, along with the rest of the machines in development.

genewoncook 04-11-2001 02:09 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results - Rossi rules
"...and show him the fast lines again..." LOL

That's hilarious. I kept an open mind w/r/t Criville after he won his championship, but it's pretty clear now that he was an opportunistic follower, not a leader.

genewoncook 04-11-2001 02:23 PM

Re: 500cc Japanese GP results
I think it's too early to rule Roberts out of the Championship hunt. Think how quickly he and Taylor turned that team around. Team Suzuki still has time to put the season together.

Maybe this is the year Abe puts together enough consistent finishes to break into the top three...

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