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Default Re: Italian MotoGP--SPOILER

Easily the best race of the year! Yelling at the tube and everything. Can't wait for the next round.
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Default Re: Italian MotoGP--SPOILER

Actually watching the AMA races after MotoGP I couldn't help but notice how poor the presentation was compared to MotoGP. The track was ugly w/ walls everywhere. The camera angles weren't as good. The onboard footage was nowhere as good either. It looked like little league compared to MotoGP. The only thing I liked about the AMA coverage was the ground level shots showing the grass waving as the riders knees passed by!

Maybe the AMAs actual video quality is better (I didn't notice), but the presentation sucks compared to MotoGP. Now I concure the web site downloads from MotoGP.com aren't all that good but the broadcast coverage on Speed seemed fine to me.

The only issue I had with the last MotoGP race on TV was the one time they cut from the front, you missed an important pass. Generally I like when they cover duels back in the field but there was so much action in front in the last race they shouldn't of cut away.
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Default Re: Italian MotoGP--SPOILER

the pal system i think has more lines and higher definition in most european countries... i don't know why the video is different.
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Default Re: Italian MotoGP--SPOILER

I'd be curious what the answer is, Buz. Post it here if you find out. Kumbaya.
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Default Re: Italian MotoGP--SPOILER

yeah, I can't figure out why FIM can't take "normal" quality video, even FIA has good quality, I don't understand.
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