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Default Re: Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

I missed the first part of the race trying to decide if I could make it to Dan Rouit's Flat Track Muesum in Clovis to see the original Burt Munroe Indian or to Infineon for the two races that I was sure would be cancelled on account of rain. And rain decided my fate- I stayed home and still regretting it.

Rossi is too far behind in the points to win this year.

Nicky has to find a way to get up to the front in the last quarter of the race and stay there. I'll wait until after Laguna Seca to make a prediction. Right now my bet is on Pedrosa.
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Default Re: Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

Im being too kind when I say that your assessment is bollocks.
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Default Re: Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

Rossi came in too hot for that inside line. You gotta know you're in too deep and gonna get your front taken out by crossing riders who own the line. Whatever dildo said he was just doing what he had to do and dominating weaker riders has watched too much WWF. There are standards of conduct in racing, and he violated them with a bone head move. But then, thats easy for me to say from my couch about a world champion. The commentators (who are both one shade away from Mr. Magoo) were noticeably glib about the whole thing I thought.

Rossi is great, but has also been very lucky in that fluke things like mechanical DNF's, riders down right in front of him, etc. haven't happened. Now statistics are catching up with him.

As for Nicky, I was bummed until I heard them mention he had the flu. I don't get out of bed with that stuff, much less wrestle a bike quickly around 20 some laps of a race track.
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Default Re: Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

OH MY GOD!!!! I agreed with your 2 posts. What a first. And why should Hayden go back to AMA? I couldn't sgree more that he should stay at the GP level. He's a really nice popular racer and has lots os talent. Here in Thailand he is a favorite with the locals.
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