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Default My 2/100ths of a dollar

The only thing that hinders Rossi's legacy is the lack of a definitive competitor, a la Schwantz and Rainey. It has now become clear that Biaggi, while extremely talented, can't harness the consistency and fire necessary to beat Rossi. He's brilliant one week, 8th the next. Gibernau has showed signs of following Biaggi into also-random, but his recent antipathy towards Rossi may be a welcome realization that winning the championship requires more than a top bike and a sunny disposition.

Further down the order, we've been teased with flashes of brilliance from Tamada, Nakano, and the Suzuki boys, but these guys have the added burden of inconsistent equipment holding them back. It's tough to win when your tires don't stick and your motor stops firing.

In the absence of a true rivalry, we're left with a contrived Rossi vs. HRC show-down, which doesn't mean anything if the HRC riders don't show up to the fight. So unless Biaggi / Gibernau take it to another level, another manufacturer bottles 990cc's of foolproof lightning, or maybe a young rider (Pedrosa?) lights MotoGP on fire, we'll be subject to another Rossi championship in 2005. And then it's only a matter of time before he moves on with his legacy of domination, but no real challenger to linger in our memories.
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Default Annnnnnnd Edwards to Yamaha!

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: Rossi like Mladin are the greatest.

What's the third bike?

No one hurries back from Hawaii.

The boy and I will be back Saturday morning.
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Default Re: Annnnnnnd Edwards to Yamaha!

Great move for Yamaha. They just took one of the best development riders, outside of Rossi, away from Honda.

Colin took the SP-2 from an over built rigid sled and cut frame supports out to make it more ridable and won the WSB world championship in one of the best come from behind seasons ever in the WSB history. Rumor has it that his better results at the end of this season are due to Honda working with him on development of his bike. Something Honda has only done this year with the Factory squad and then later with Sete after he started showing good results.

Honda doesn't deserve Colin's help after the way they stiffed him by not offering him a ride following the SBK championship.

Thank you Yamaha again. First the news about Moto GP coming to US now they sign Colin. That's respect to US fans.
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Default Re: Rossi like Mladin are the greatest.

I'm pretty sure I never said anything about Mladin, much less Austrailains in general. I happen to really like our friends down under. The women seem to be really hot and that accent is really sexy coming from one of them.

Now, that being said, I still find it an honor to be mentioned in the group of people that have pissed you off.
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Default Re: Aussie GP Results

I think that "harder to control" has different meanings in different contexts.

I would submit that today's bikes can accept much finer control inputs, and will respond immediately and predictably. However, that means that clumsy or excessive control input will also yield catastrophic results much more quickly.

The implication is that today's bikes are actually much easier to ride fast when you are paying attention to what you are doing - but will similarly get you in trouble much more quickly. You can prove it to yourself by riding a bike from 4 or 5 years ago, and riding the latest and greatest from today. The differences are, surprisingly, pretty dramatic.

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