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pdad13 09-21-2004 05:44 AM

Re: Yeah, it's unbelievable.
Don, it's all relative. Of course no one wants to go out and break some ribs, or a leg for that matter. But broken bones are not considered serious injuries, unless there are complicating factors, in an emergency room (as Sean noted). A serious injury implies some significant risk of permanent disability or death. Lots of us have had broken bones. While it sucks, it's usually not considered serious. Now, remember that we're talking about motorcycle racing at its highest level and the standard really changes.

That being said, I have no idea how Hopkins is going to ride with broken ribs. That's going to smart. Bring on the cortisone, Dr. Costa.

Sorry to hear about your leg. Was MO having another bike test during your track day?

SeanAlexander 09-21-2004 06:34 AM

Re: Possible KP sighting

Would it be possible to have you loan me that motorcycle for a quick KP race? -Sean

seruzawa 09-21-2004 06:42 AM

Re: Yeah, it's unbelievable.
He probebly got waxed but some nut on a ZX-6 at Freddie Spencer's racing school.

sarnali 09-21-2004 07:42 AM

Re: Possible KP sighting
Sure, do you want my Austin Powers Union Jack arm chaps or will you use your own?

r1der 09-21-2004 09:44 AM

Re: Yeah, it's unbelievable.
Nope, VIR turn 15. A sushi chef on a Mille R lost it under braking. If I could have got up; I would have beat the tar out of him.

Anyway, I lived to fight another day.


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