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Default HOT DAMN!!!

Great link!!!

That was the most amazing ****e I've ever seen done on a motorcycle. Forget the stunters, that rider showed some major skill and humungoid balls! Simply astounding.
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Default Re: The Rain in Spain.... Jerez MotoGP

Great link! Yes, now that was truly incredible. That's what, 5-state Powerball lottery odds?
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Default Re: The Rain in Spain.... Jerez MotoGP

The odds of pulling that one off can only be slightly improved if you're a touring Mongolian circus performer. I still don't know how he did it.

Now, look through some of the other videos to see examples of those who were, er, less successful. I especially like the one where a guy is teaching his buddy to ride a shiny red SV650. The student clearly has never been on a motorcycle and, in a panic, confuses the controls and cracks the throttle wide open, going from like 5 mph to about a zillion. He jumps the curb onto a nice grassy area and runs smack dab into the ONLY tree within sight. The funniest part is the audio: the teacher (and most likely the SV's owner) just repeating "Oh sh*t, oh sh*t...oh, *****!" I've watched it a million times and still laugh.

Lots of other cool stuff on there, including many squids doing squidly things and paying with pounds of flesh, other racing accidents, silly stunts gone wrong, and some great euro TV commercials. Most of the stuff is motorcycle related, but not all. Enjoy.
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Default DNF = Ducati Not Functional???

What happened to all of the Ducatis? I didn't get to watch this race. Did they even start? Maybe italian electronics don't work in the wet.
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