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ZRX_bullock 11-03-2003 04:15 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
Moto GP will be very interesting next year.

It was painful to watch the Texas tornado struggle with the Aprilia.

afterburn 11-03-2003 04:19 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
I am thinking next season's WC battle will be between, Collins, Hayden and Gibernau. The others, including Rossi will either be too slow or too inconsistant.

Vlad 11-03-2003 07:07 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
I'm glad to see Colin where he should be, on a first rank team with a proven machine. However, Rossi can't be counted out, no matter who he rides for. So my thoughts on the potential winner next year are Edwards, Gibernau, Rossi, Caparossi, or Bayliss. Ducati still has a very fast machine, perhaps the fastest straight line bike. Their first season was nothing short of amazing. If I have to guess at a winner next year, it would be Caparossi on the Duc.


Steven_Verschoor 11-03-2003 07:29 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004

Justice is done and the Texas Tornado will ... ride ... the Honda RCV.</p>

I seem to recall that Honda treated Colin Edwards rather badly after he won the WSB championship.
If justice is really going to be done, Honda should make it up to him by providing the very best support next year.</p>

I would have liked to see Colin kick butt on the Cube, but I don't blame him for making the move. He'll be a contender next year.</p>

Pacer 11-03-2003 09:03 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
You say Rossi can't be counted out, and I agree. Besides the money I think he wants to prove that he can win on any competent ride. You watch and see, Yamaha is up to the challenge, and we already know Rossi is. Side note go Colin and Nicky.

ValkBandit 11-03-2003 10:29 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
i think rossi will be in the hunt on the yamaha. natural talent trumps machine shortcomings. plus yamaha will have enormous incentive to make their bike competitive. because if rossi loses it will be a huge loss of face for them.

Holy_Kaw 11-03-2003 10:43 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
FAN****INGTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waepoint 11-03-2003 11:27 AM

MotoGP > Viagra

This sets the stage for some great matchups. We'll get to see a replay of Edwards and Bayliss dicing it up as serious contenders. We'll get to see Nicky go from pupil to challenging his former tutor. We'll get to see if both Yamaha and Rossi can live up to some pretty serious pressure (and I'll bet they can) and live with each other if things don't go smoothly. We'll get to see Biaggi complain about ... whatever. And on top of it all, Sete's gotta think he just won the lottery for next year's title. It's gonna be some world-class excitement.

afterburn 11-03-2003 11:44 AM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
True, but.. I think Honda will also be wanting to prove their bike is the best, no matter the rider. So I'm thinking a seriously improved RCV next year and a committed factory to kick butt to show the world who's best.

piinob 11-03-2003 03:01 PM

Re: Edwards confirmed at Honda for 2004
Can we start the season now and avoid the rush? These changes ought to make everything much more interesting next year. Edwards deserves a competative ride, and this might be it. Could be a very exciting year for GP.

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