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Holy_Kaw 04-04-2003 03:54 PM

Re: Saturday Morning Practice
Yeah thanks Bob, again.

rsheidler 04-05-2003 06:15 AM

Final Suzuka Qualifying
In a very wet Saturday qualifying session, only McWilliams was able to improve on his Friday times. As a result, he was able to get within the 107% cutoff and will make the race.

He was by far the fastest in the session -- more than 2 sec ahead of Sete and more than 6 sec faster than his teammate Aoki in third. Of course he was the only one who had much to gain by pushing, as nobody else had any chance of improving on the Friday times. A number of riders didn't even go out, and those who did used it as another practice to improve on their wet setup in case it rains for the race.

The forcast is for warmer, dry conditions for the race, so things could be interesting, as nobody has had a chance to really test settings for those conditions.

Final qualifying standing is:

1. Rossi, Honda, 2:06.838

2. Biaggi, Honda, 2:07.092

3. Ukawa, Honda, 2:07.298

4. Checa, Yamaha, 2:07.426

5. Tamada, Honda, 2:08.426

6. Gibernau, Honda, 2:08.251

7. Roberts, Suzuki, 2:08.670

8. Barros, Yamaha, 2:08.670

9. Edwards, Aprilia, 2:08.785

10. Nakano, Yamaha, 2:08.930

11. Kato, Honda, 2:09.104

12. Hopkins, Suzuki, 2:09.141

13. Bayliss, Ducati, 2:09.147

14. Abe, Yamaha, 2:09.162

15. Capirossi, Ducati, 2:09.325

16. Serizawa, Moriwaki Honda, 2:09.416

17. Haga, Aprilia, 2:09.690

18. Yanagawa, Kawasaki, 2:09.934

19. Aoki, Proton, 2:10.120

20. McCoy, Kawasaki, 2:11.514

21. Jacque, Yamaha, 2:11.924

22. Burns, Harris WCM, 2:13.074

23. Hayden, Honda, 2:13.588

24. Pitt, Kawasaki, 2:13.871

25. McWilliams, Proton, 2:14.011

KPaulCook 04-05-2003 03:14 PM

2004 Honda CBR1000RR say good bye RC51 V-Twin

merv 04-05-2003 03:29 PM

Re: Japanese GP Qualifying Times
OK pre-race warm-up's looking a bit different. Rossi still fastest, Colin third and Nicky 10th.

Barros off the chart but I hope all is OK for him, but Yamahas not featuring too well and Kawasaki ... well enough said.

I'm no American but you guys would be happy with Hopper at 9th quickest beating KRJR at 16th.

Roll on the race.



rsheidler 04-05-2003 04:34 PM

Re: Japanese GP Qualifying Times
Hell, I'd cheer for Sadaam to beat KRJR ;-)

Hopper is looking really promising. Did damn good in the wet conditions too -- especially for the first time on a 4-stroke in the wet. Kid shows a great deal of maturity for one so young.

I'm gonna try avoid the internet reports on the race so I can watch it as if it is live, but don't know if I can.


captainwhoopass 04-07-2003 12:56 PM

Re: Japanese GP Qualifying Times
Yup, that Aprilia sure showed its domination over the Ducati... wait a minute... doesn't it have to finish higher than the Ducati to be better?

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