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captainwhoopass 04-04-2003 01:36 PM

Re: Where is Sean?
OK, that was of the odd# riders- I guess they have so many that they split them up even vs. odd #s. Still, he was mid-pack, which is about what he expected. Good job!

rsheidler 04-04-2003 01:37 PM

Re: Where is Sean?
Thats his number alright. For some reason it wasn't showing up on the live timing at the time I was looking.

Yep, he is in 18th right now. Looks like maybe he sat out that earlier practice session.

Go Sean! OK, even #s are out now. Looks like he ended up 18th of the odd#s so we'll just have to see how he ends up overall.

Not bad for a big guy on a bike with stock suspension!

rsheidler 04-04-2003 01:46 PM

OK, I have to take back my comment that the level of diversity is similar in WSB vs AMA.

Per qualification at Fontana 40 bikes,

31 Suzuki 77.5%

6 Honda 15%

2 Ducati 5%

1 Kawasaki 2.5%

Total 4 brands

Per qualification at Phillip Island, 23 bikes:

12 Ducati 52%

3 Suzuki 13%

2 Honda 9%

2 Yamaha 9%

2 Petronas 9%

2 Kawasaki 9%

Total 6 Brands

Clearly WSB field is much MORE diverse than AMA. I guess it is OK if it is a Japanese bike dominating, but not if it is Italian?


captainwhoopass 04-04-2003 01:49 PM

Re: Where is Sean?
Jesus, Tommy H. is fast. He's running about a second faster than anyone in the first group. There's also quite a few non-Suzukis running towards the front- a couple of Kawasakis, Hayden and T. Meiring, and also a couple of Yamahas, J. Haner(who)? and J. DiSalvo .

rsheidler 04-04-2003 02:02 PM

Re: Where is Sean?
I think it is about time to fold this class or combine it with the 600s -- nobody besides Suzuki makes sporting 750s anymore and now the 600-class bikes are as fast -- 3 of the top 5 right now are either 636s or R6s.

captainwhoopass 04-04-2003 02:19 PM

Re: Where is Sean?
The other amazing thing is that a couple of the 600's running in Superstock could qualify inside the top ten for Superbike!

rsheidler 04-04-2003 02:59 PM

Saturday Morning Practice
It is now something like 10:45 am in Japan and the bikes are in the middle of the free practice, in the rain, apparently.

Sete leads at this moment, followed by Barros and Rossi. McWilliams Proton just nipped ahead of Rossi for 3rd (whoda thunkit?) Rain chages everything! Hopkins just jumped ahead of Rossi for 4th. Track must be drying just a bit as times are coming down.

Nicky is in 8th -- not bad for having little rain race experience! McWilliams to 2nd -- 2 Protons in top 10!

Hopper bumps Barros for 2nd, Capi bumps Rossi for 5th. Nicky 7th, Bayliss 8th.

Looks like Nicky, Hopper, Capi and McWilliams are the ones putting in the laps -- about twice as many as the rest. Looks like they are serious about riding in the wet.

Looks like a lot of the riders have chosen to sit out this practice. If the upcoming qualification session is wet, they won't be able to improve on the Friday times anyway, and the forcast is for the raceday to be dry (although at Suzuka, I wouldn't bet on it).

Less than one minute left, looks like nobody is out on the track.

rsheidler 04-04-2003 03:10 PM

Re: Saturday Morning Practice
For what it is worth (not much, except for the novelty of seeing some of these guys up front)

1 Sete (HON) 2:21.100

2 McWilliams (PRO) 2:21.394

3 Hopkins (SUZ) 2:21.824

4 Barros (YAM) 2:22.078

5 Capirossi (DUC) 2:22.692

6 Rossi (HON) 2:22.854

7 Hayden (HON) 2:22.920

11 Burns (WCM) 2:25.053

20 Biaggi (HON) 2:29.017

Mooner 04-04-2003 03:12 PM

Re: Japanese GP Qualifying Times
Geez, it sure would be nice if we could get somebody that was fanatical about racing so we could get some up to the minute information.....Oh...thanks Bob!


rsheidler 04-04-2003 03:27 PM

Re: Saturday Morning Practice
Now that sucks.... the above times are from the live timing feed, and now the post the official times and they are different in some cases. Phuck!

Here are the official ones:

1 Rossi 2:20.142

2 Bayliss (DUC) 2:20.480

3 McWilliams 2:21.050

4 Sete 2:21.100

5 McCoy (KAW) 2:21.696

6 Hopkins 2:21.824

7 Barros 2:22.078

8 Colin (APR) 2:22.293

9 Nicky 2:22.529

10 Capi 2:22.674

19 Biaggi 2:26.167

It looks like when the rider changes to the #2 bike, the 2nd transponder did not register in the live timing, but does get officially scored.

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