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rsheidler 10-22-2002 05:50 AM

Re: BS and YOU KNOW IT!!!
While I agree with you that rider selection in GP (and to a lesser extent, WSB) has become depressingly political, due to the impact of big money (meaning that the sponsors make the calls based on what best sells their products), and that the selection is overly skewed based on passport, I still think that the level of talent in GP is pretty damn impressive, and I would not be surprised if some of these "2nd rate" Italian, Spanish and Japanese riders teach Nicky (and maybe even Colin and Troy) a thing or two next season.

In particular, I am very impressed with Melandri and Caporossi. The big question mark in my mind is how quickly they adapt to the big 4-strokes. Obviously, Barros and Kato were able to adapt almost immediately, while other, very talented, riders such as Biaggi have taken much longer.

Next season promises to be very exciting -- with new bikes (hopefully the Duc, Aprilia, Kawasaki and the new v5 Proton can get up to speed more quickly than have Yamaha and Suzuki this year) and with new riders as well. I hope that the Americans do well, not because I cheer for riders based on their nationality, but because it will encourage more American interest in the series.

motoCG 10-22-2002 06:42 AM

Re: BS and YOU KNOW IT!!!
What world championship did Hopkins win to earn his way to GP? Oh, his manager is connected to the Red Bull team. Not politics in your book??

Marco Melandri is this years 250cc world champ. Because he is a "2nd rate" Italian, you think he needs a better resume to move to GP?

Capirossi was also 250cc world champ with several years of 500 GP experience, that doesn't give him a leg up on Bayliss.

Honda didn't sign Edwards to a GP ride because he was an American and didn't have enough sponsorship??

Try to be more objective!

rsheidler 10-22-2002 06:57 AM

Re: Phillip Island GP Results
I was wondering how long before someone brought up Barros! I have never seen him ride as well as he has since getting the 4-stroke. Considering that his bike is likely a touch behind Rossi's, I would have to say that right now, he is argueably the equal of anyone in GP racing at this time. And he is what, 33-34 years old?

I have always liked Alex but frankly never considered him to be in the first group -- I always thought it great when he would occassionally challenge for a podium spot.

I am also impressed with his sportsmanship -- at least based on TV and print interviews -- for example when Rossi bumped him off line in Malasia and the commentators were sorta trying to stir up some friction between the two, but Barros was extremely gracious about it in the post-race interviews.

Right now, he is the most exciting thing in MotoGP and that is saying a lot, what with recent improved performances from Kato, Caporossi etc and a Proton on the pole!

rsheidler 10-22-2002 07:17 AM

Re: BS and YOU KNOW IT!!!
Not to mention Caporossi's performance in Japan where the 2-strokes were expected to be totally outclassed!

rsheidler 10-22-2002 08:24 AM

Re: "2nd rate" Italian
I suppose that you could make the argument that Melandri is a "second rate Italian" if you consider Rossi to be the sole example of a "first-rate Italian." Of course, by this reconning Biaggi is also a second-rate Italian so Loris is in good company.

I agree that many teams do select Italian or Spanish riders for marketing reasons, but given the depth of Italian and Spanish talent, they have some pretty damn good talent to draw from.

fernandopan 10-22-2002 08:38 AM

Re: Phillip Island GP Results
Who is second rate in GP?

If you see the time tables of the qualifying sessions of every race of the year you will notice that they are very very close, almost everyone is within a second away of the first place.

Rossi is the best of them, but everybody will get closer to him next year, because everyone will have a 4 stroke.

And if the "old SBK boys" come to GP next year, they will have to adapt themselves to a new category, so they probably wont win, at least in the beggining.

Joe_Momma 10-22-2002 08:56 AM

Re: BS and YOU KNOW IT!!!
The Edwards comment is true. His output oversahadows any rider on the grid except rossi and MAYBE Biaggi. Marco won the title in what is well known to be a deplete field of 250 cc riders. WHat you state does not disprove the fact that MOST of the field of riders in MOTOGP don't belong there. Atleast Half. Rossi, Biaggi, Capirossi, great Italian racers. Most of the Spanish riders probably do not belong in the series. Marco Melandri was chosen over Edwards to ride the Yamaha. Out of all the Japanese riders two belong in the series based off of performance.

kaber0111 10-22-2002 09:23 AM

Re: BS and YOU KNOW IT!!!


i think a lot of people on these boards are smoking crack.

rossi is bad ass.

if anything roberst is the fluke.

he only one 1 gp, and after that he's bike just managed to go into teh crapper.

if your good then you consistently win over the years like rossi and doohan.


50 gp wins. ratio wise wins versus looses better tehn doohan.


kaber0111 10-22-2002 09:26 AM

Re: Dunlop = Crap tires
gary could have passed them up.

he said so himself.

but he decided to leave them along and let them battle it out.

rsheidler 10-22-2002 09:57 AM

Re: Someone got a problem with D@gos, $pics and Gooks?
>>Most of the Spanish riders probably do not belong in the series...... Out of all the Japanese riders two belong in the series based off of performance<<

I guess that Checa's recent performance has been disapointing to Yamaha (wonder if they are kicking themselves over keeping him while letting Max go to Honda), but earlier in the season, he frequently was faster than Max. He certainly is not in the top tier currently (although his performance in the rain at Rio made a believer of me -- coming from last place to first, only to crash out -- Rossi remarked that it was like he was from another planet). However, I could hardly say that he does not belong in the field. In 250gp Fonsi Nieto and Toni Elias seemed to pull down a fair share of podium finishes on their own, considering that the only reason they were in the field was their Spanish passports.

As for Japanese riders, I assume you mean Kato and Ukawa belong but Nobi Aoka does not -- if so, how do you explain his putting the Proton several places in front of KR-JR? Which Japanese riders do not belong? Does Haga not deserve another shot at GP on the Aprilia? Colin seems pretty excited by the prospect of having him for a teammate again.

Which American (or Aussi or whatever non-European/Japanese) riders do you consider to be getting screwed out of their rightful rides because of these undeserving "foreigners" --setting aside Colin's flap with Honda, that is?

As to picking "questionable" riders over more talented/experienced ones, what do you make of Kawasaki's decision to pick Andrew Pitt from WSS for their GP bike? Certainly was not because of his Spanish, Italian or Japanese passport. Poor schmuck had never even ridden on slicks before. Obviously they saw something worth developing -- maybe when someone picks a relatively "green" Italian, Spaniard of Japanese, they see something similar.

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