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hawker 10-03-2002 12:55 PM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
Gforces, you're right on target - this is just what my buddies have all been saying, because as much as we want to see Colin get his due, we also want to see him on a duck! This scenario alse gives Ducati a year to work out the kinks before Colin comes to work for them, which won't hurt.

It'd be great to watch him thrash the remainder of the SBK field on a duck, but what with him, Nicky and the rest going to the big party, it's going to be awesome!

As for KRJR, if he keeps up his whining on the GP circuit, I'll lose even more respect for him. His dad never threw tantrums and whined like that, and his brother doesn't do it today. Brilliant rider he may be, but I'm sick of his 'poor me' attitude.

He's one of the luckiest 80 or so guys in the world. Guys with the ability and opportunity to do what he does for a living, and do a damn fine job of it.

He needs to think of that every time he starts feeling sorry for himself because he doesn't have the best bike in the paddock, or the set-up isn't spot-on.

Think of the riders we all revere - Joey Dunlop, Eddy Lawson, Bob Hannah, Freddy Spencer, Mike Baldwin, Chris Carr, Mert Lawill - of course they all hated losing, but they all carried themselves with the dignity that accompanies having the humility to know how lucky they are/were to be top-level motorcycle racers.

rsheidler 10-03-2002 03:05 PM

You Have Hit on the Key Issue
Bottom line: Motorsports have become BIG BUSINESS, for better or worse, whether it is WSB, GP, F1, World Rally or NA##@R (had to censor that last one out of sensitivity to younger readers!). I am enough of an old fart to remember when F1 cars were almost all sponsored primarily by the manufacturer (or a wealthy patron like the recently deceased Rob Walker) and were almost always painted in the national racing colors -- does anybody even remember what those are? Maybe a small Shell or Pirelli sticker etc about 2-3 inches high was the extent of advertising.

Of course then, riders/drivers got paid sh#t, safety conditions were horrible,there was virtually no TV coverage (you read the results in the magazines 2-3 months later).

Face it, the budgets for all major racing teams are largely met by outside sponsors. Anybody putting up that much bread expects to have a big say in major decisions. Most of them are not in racing because of a great love for the sport (although many obviously DO love the sport) -- they gotta make it pay as a business proposition.

Now to GP and WSB -- the fan base for both of these series is largely Western European -- like it or not, motorsports are much bigger in Europe. For one thing, there is less competition (soccer, -- maybe bicycle racing-- are the only real competition). Look at the attendence figures for Spain and Italy! The European TV audience is huge compared to the US, and lots of non-motorcyclists watch and follow the sport. Given this, it is no surprise that European sponsors predominate and that they favor Spanish or Italian riders.

The difference between Nicky's situation and Colin's is that Nicky had Honda USA in effect as his advocate (I have heard rumors that they are partially funding his salary, which makes sense from a business perspective -- he should help sell a lot of Hondas in the US). Colin did not have anyone making similar deals on his behalf. Plus, if Colin had continued the pattern of the first part of the season, we probably would not be having this discusion now. Fair? No, because he was riding just as hard, just as well, then as at the end, it was the bike which made the improvement, but then life isn't fair.

Do I think Colin was treated poorly by Honda? Based on published reports, probably yes. However, I do not think any of that suggests that they are a bunch of evil bastards either.

By the way, I am a big Ducati fan so I hope Troy kicks their asses next year (although I don't expect that to happen).

You are absolutely right about what a great 2003 GP season we have to anticipate!

Benji_2 10-03-2002 03:08 PM

Re: Inferior equipment??

What race were you watching? Hayden clearly took out Haga and it was in the last turn of the race. It's too bad because all of us in the grandstands were cheering louder for Haga than that Hayden kid. I'll tell you who really looked good at Laguna Seca, Eric Bostrom. He more than any other AMA rider (except for maybe Mladin after he won 3 titles) deserves to get a ride in either WSB or MotoGP. During one of the WSB races at Laguna, Bostrom was running in first place for the first part of the race. Even Edwards and I believe it was Hodgson also who were saying that they couldn't out brake the guy into turns. I'm not trying to say Nicky isn't any good, but he sure gets a lot of attention when others, who in my opinion are just as good or better, are overlooked.

I think Edwards should go to Ducati and contest the MotoGP alongside Bayliss.

rsheidler 10-03-2002 03:18 PM

Re: F U Honda!
I do not disagree, but 1) I am not sure that Biaggi leaving was by his choice alone -- there were rumblings that Yamaha were not happy with him. 2) whoever made the decision, it was made (and announced) quite some time ago, before Biaggi's recent impressive showings -- whether the bike improved that much, or having to impress a prospective new boss gave him the motivation, it seems as though his results improved almost immediately.

I could be wrong, but I consider both Biaggi and Checa to be at least slightly inferior to Rossi in pure talent, yet both have been very impressive against Rossi, both in qualifying and in the recent races. I think the bikes may be more nearly equal than you suggest.

One great result of seemingly all the great riders being in the Honda camp next year -- it will be interesting to see how much of Rossi's domination in 2003 was his superior performance vs how much was Honda's superiority.

SeanAlexander 10-03-2002 04:08 PM

Re: The third hand has it!
No I didn't ( I just don't like him )

DucButt 10-03-2002 04:21 PM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
Motor racing has no higher paid racers than Formula 1, M. Schumacher or not. Rally is quite popular in Europe, but still not nearly as much as F1 - it's also reflected in the salaries.

DucButt 10-03-2002 04:22 PM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
It's all about seizing opportunities, not morals.

ccmun 10-04-2002 06:55 AM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
That "inferior 750" ridden by Eric B. led the WSB boys for several laps at Laguna Seca last July.

ccmun 10-04-2002 07:01 AM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
You guys are seeing Ducati red. This is a business guys, not the cub scouts. Ducati can be as heartless as any manufacturer.

Look at the way Ducati treated Bostrom when he struggled, and how they dropped him like a hot potato this year. They have a history of doing this....Chili, Slight....need I go on ?

ccmun 10-04-2002 07:09 AM

Re: Edwards to GP1?
You'all are too taken up with the hype emanating from Honda and Ducati. If kawi can get their GP beast up to speed faster than Suzuki, or Aprilia, Eric Bostrom will open your eyes.

Given a fairly competitive bike on race day, and a dose of motivation, many riders can win on lessor bikes. Hodgson proved this by competing on an inferior bike and tire, Eric B. proved this by running with the big dogs in WSB....

Hayden will have his day, but so will Eric B.

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