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jmeyn 06-20-2002 04:48 AM

Re: Breakthrough?
KR's times in the later laps would have improved if a higher point total was anywhere in sight. Capirossi was obviously much faster. Half a second per lap, 12.5 seconds, would have put him in front of the two strokes and just ahead of the trailing four stroke.

One open question is how do the new tires degrade on the new chassis/power management system. If they retain a half a second advantage over the tires they used in Catalunya, KR can be competetive. If they degrade more slowly, he can fight for the podium.

Another open question is how much of the improvement was tires and how much due to the new chassis/power management system? If it was mostly tires, KR has very little advantage. From his attitude I think it was more bike than tires.

Remember, if KR had been circulating comfortably in the low/middle 1:46s, he'd have been riding with Ukawa and Rossi. Rossi said he tried to run in the 45s but couldn't.

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