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Default Re: Stop Dreaming!

You are very confused. I hope you don't think your opinion is based on any facts!
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Default Re: 1000cc in-lines to WSB next year!

There in the top ten because they are finishing races, not because they are competitive. Wake up.
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Default Re: 1000cc in-lines to WSB next year!

I'm just guessing here, but this should mean that Triumph can run a Daytona. It's got a 995 cc triple, not four cylinder, but I don't see how they can keep it out if Triumph abides by the cc/weight/air restrictors of the four cylinders.

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--The Fox

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Default Re: 1000cc in-lines to WSB next year!

-=| All they do is make bikes that people want to buy no matter what they do on the track.|=-

This may be a silly argument, but if a company is in business to make money (the ultimate goal), then that is exactly what you should do - look at Harley-Davidson & other manufacturers' rides, primarily cruisers & luxo-tourers. People want 'em, factories sell them, and make $$ doing so.

If manufacturers made the best track bike by the thousands and people didn't want them, well, figure it out...

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Default Re: This rule change is an abomination

My wife wants my bike a ZX-6R so I am looking for another bike (good excuse eh). My Ninja has been great so I kind of loyal to Kawasaki so Id be interested in a zx-10R. I like the 9R but I wish they had it some different paint schemes You make a great point how the economy tanks the 750s might be back. I think I heard some former racer like Eddie Lawson or someone like that once say that the 750 was the perfect size. If Suzukis machine didn't have such outrageous ergos I would lookat that.
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Its very good.These bikes may have a lot of good power, but they just don't turn and burn like the Superbikes... I know the Suzuki 1000 kicks ass at the endurace races but in the Canadian and British series they are still behind the twins. They may do better, but they won't dominate. Ducati is safe for now...


nice performance..............enfield
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