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This is a very interesting question. Inquiring minds want to know. My guess is that it local. Remember I said guess, I haven't yet spectated an indoor motorsport.
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They buy dirt from Contries with excess dirt like Latvia or Estonia and import it to the major indor events. Latvian dirt has a smooth texture, and can be used not only for indor events, but smokers, bar mitvas and sweet 16 parties.
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Originally Posted by Coretta Kaye View Post
"Where does all that dirt for motocross and monster trucks shows come from?
Do they bring it with them to each show or do they buy new dirt each time?.......
It's grown on Dirt Farms by Dirt Farmers - who spend hours in the fields tilling the soil to plant Dirt Seeds which (with proper rain and fertilization) grow into huge Dirt Plants that is harvested by Dirt Combines. Primarily, the Produce of Dirt Farms is by and large used in making Mud Pies and Dirt Cakes - the Elbonian Mud Pie Market is the largest consumer of exported U.S. Mud Pies.

As most Arena Owners have little or no money to buy Virgin, Premium-Grade Dirt, they usually buy the leftovers from a spoiled or burned batch of Mud Pies from local Mud Bakeries.

Ah, but not all is Bliss: without enough rain, your Dirt Plants will shrivel-up and Die, then Blow-Away on the breeze. But when times are really flush, the ADFA (American Dirt Farmers of America - the regulating body of the Dirt-Agriculture Industry) will sometimes sponsor a College Football game - the Dust Bowl. It's been awhile since we've had one of those, though.
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