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Default MX GP And MX of Nations To Return To The U.S.

Neat, interesting, and a little ominous, if you believe that Youthstream will get control of the outdoor nationals:

From Cycle News Online

"Youthstream president Giuseppe Luongo announced plans to bring a round of the FIM World Motocross Championship back to the United States on a regular basis starting in the year 2009. After that, probably starting in 2011, Youthstream intends on having two GP events in the U.S. every year through 2016.

"Luongo also announced plans to bring the Motocross of Nations to the United States every three years beginning in 2010, running at least through 2016. Youthstream also plans on bringing the Supermoto of Nations to the U.S. in 2010, the same week as the MX of Nations which will most likely be held in September.

"As far as where Youthstream plans on hosting the MX of Nations and the GP rounds in the U.S. is still a bit of a mystery, though Luongo did say that all of the U.S. MX of Nations and GP rounds (except for the California GP) will be held at the same track “east of the Mississippi,” and it will not be at any track already on the AMA National MX schedule.

"Luongo also announced that Youthstream will be soon opening an office, Youthstream USA, in California, where it will primarily conduct operations of the U.S. rounds of the MX of Nations and World MX rounds."
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They should change the California GP to the Nevada GP. Put a finger in the eye of the State that's working hardest to make life miserable for off-roaders. Don't help their tax base 'cause it's just used against us.
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Well it's about time. I wonder if they'll be riding in the new classes proposed by the FIM a few months ago (two and four strokes running together with no displacement advantage, the open class again, 600cc twins, etc...). One can only hope. This may spice things up a bit, instead of the everything 4 stroke races. Would love to see a 125cc two cycle whip up on them 250cc lights.
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