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mxchickalltheway 09-10-2013 10:25 PM

2013 Womens Motocross International
It's that time of year again! Fun times for all!

The 2013 Womens International is coming up! October 12 on the national track at Glen Helen!
We have women coming from multiple states again this year, love to see you out here with us!
100 pro payback, trophies for all classes, bottle of cider for the winners, a number 1 plate, prizes for all and a great time!
35.00 entry. We have mens classes as well.

Dinner after the race as well.

Facebook event page-

Last years event- Eric johnson had this to say about last years International- On October 20, 2012, WMN Racing held the Women's Motocross International at Glen Helen Raceway! What an amazing event with amazing ladies! If you weren't there, here's a sample of what you missed. Be sure to sign up for next year's race. Support Women's Motocross!!!

Looking forward to seeing you at the races!

mxchickalltheway 10-01-2013 07:41 PM

2013 Womens International at Glen Helen October 12th. Thank you for the support! We have 7 womens classes, as well as men support, mens vet classes with otmx.
I would love to see you out here with us!

Glen Helen is having thurday and friday practice from 9-2 before the international, so come get to know the track we will be racing on. Camping is free. practice is 25 each day. Race day the gate is 10. and practice will be at 730am before the racing starts. race entry is 35.00, we have 7 womens classes, we also have mens support and vet racing available, sign up race morning. I am really getting excited! See you all there!

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