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mxchickalltheway 09-20-2012 12:15 PM

2012 Womens Motocross International

mxchickalltheway 10-05-2012 12:32 AM

Open practice at glen helen that friday 8 am to 2 pm, as well as the normal thursday practice.

team race added to the Womens International! October 20, 2012 Glen Helen, Ca $20 per team 10 laps! great time for sure

camping at the track is free!

We are running transponders, and they are free!!

Ladies you can bring the men in your lives to race as well, mens classes are available as support classes and vet classes

We are racing the main track!

See you soon

The_AirHawk 10-07-2012 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by mxchickalltheway (Post 277977)
Ladies you can bring the men in your lives to race as well, mens classes are available as support classes and vet classes
We are racing the main track!

See you soon

THAT's Funny Sh*t, Right There!

You GO Girl!

(I just got home from watching the Fastest Woman on 4-Wheels - Brianne Corn - completely DESTROY the "Modified" AWD Class in a "Prepared" class car, and take home the first-ever SCCA National Rallycross Championship won by a Woman - she'd never even SEEN the car until Friday, and this was the first time she'd entered the Nationals..... WOOOOT!!!)

(she even Raw-timed the car's owner - who won the "Prepared" AWD class quite handily, and is a 3-time National Champion himself)

(she is also only the second woman to win @ Pikes Peak, and the first in 28-years)

mxchickalltheway 10-18-2012 06:06 PM

thats so awesome!!!!

mxchickalltheway 10-18-2012 06:07 PM

racing is this weekend!!!! I cant wait to see everyone out there!!

mxchickalltheway 10-21-2012 09:15 PM

We had a great time, a great turn out, great battles, 6 states represented (ca, wa, id, ut, az, nv), tons of prizes and 100% Pro Payback! Thank you to all the ladies who raced with us!! We are already working on the 2013 Womens International. Results are below, articles, video and pictures will be posted soon on Thank you so much for everyone's support!! Thank you to our awesome sponsors!!

2012 Womens International results

171x KAW SUP Jo Taylor 1 1
25 HON SUP Kendall Ward 2 2

Womens Beginner
131 KTM SUP Kimberly Bussing 1 1
11x HON SUP Jaden Glaza 2 2
17 YAM SUP Michelle Krieger 3 3
11 YAM SUP Heather Majcherek 4 4
374 HON SUP Kelsey Landis DNF 5

Womens Novice
551 YAM SUP Nicole Dorsey 1 1
171 KAW SUP Madi Jo Taylor 2 3
372 SUZ SUP Emily Tigskoetter 4 2
193 HON SUP Jessica Daniel 3 4
124 YAM SUP Haley Rogers 5 5
277 HON SUP Taylor Giorgio 7 6
622 YAM SUP Courtney Rowlan 6 DNF
555 YAM SUP Erika Werner DNF DNF

Womens Vet
1253 KAW OR Marnie Proctor 1 1
17 YAM SUP Michelle Krieger 2 2
58 HON SUP Lori Payne 3 3
60 SUZ SUP Denise Devines 4 4
216 HON SUP Cathy Silva 5 5

Womens Intermediate
253 SUZ SUP Hope Searcy 1 1

Womens Expert
972 HON SUP Tatum Sik 1 1
294 KAW SUP Shelby Ward 2 2
920 KAW SUP Sarah Troxel 3 3
407 HON SUP Marsha Allen 4 5
189 KTM SUP Amber West 7 4
68 KAW SUP Heather Lockwood 5 6
39 HON SUP Staci Woodrom 6 7
192 KAW SUP Nadalie Logan DNF DNS

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