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Default MXGP to Glen Helen for Memorial Day

I know only a few here care, but there's this:

THE OFFICIAL YOUTHSTREAM/GLEN HELEN RELEASE: Just In Case You Thought The 2010 USGP Was An April Fools Joke No Joke, The Real Deal | News | Motocross Action

Apparently, though, the axing of Glen Helen from the AMA MX championship precipitated the event:

DECIPHERING THE GLEN HELEN NATIONAL CONTROVERSY: Jody Tries To Make Sense Of It And Davey Coombs Contributes His Outlook | News | Motocross Action

Sounds like everybody loses.
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That is a beautiful outdoor track, with some of the finest natural terrain one could hope for in an MX track. But it seems both the AMA and the promoters need a factor of peril built into spectator-o-cross now, that can only be gleened from insane jumps or even, as I'm sure we will be seening soon, a loop-the-loop where the riders have to negotiate something that looks more at home in an amusement park, then an MX track.

Long ago I rode a vintage event there on a '75 CZ250 with trick shocks and fork work done by Noleen Racing, and it was a blast. One section had a left-handed drop-away followed by hard right that went up a steep hill for about 200 feet, that was topped by a giant berm right hander than went back down past the pits and grandstands. I had the line through that section, and the mighty CZ could do no wrong. A set of broken points gave me a DNF, but it was worth every second.

Thanks for the links PP, brought back some great memories.
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