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JLWarrior 03-20-2007 04:53 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I watch MotoGP and superbike racing religously, currently ride a Yamaha cruiser, have owned one Triumph, 2 harleys and all kinds of japanese sport bikes, cruisers and dirtbikes over the years. If it has two wheels I like it. I don't understand the animosity myself.

cls 03-20-2007 05:24 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Yep, it's stupid. If you're riding, it's cool w/me. I've ridden them all. Enjoy 'em.

egschade 03-20-2007 05:26 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Recently rode my BMW to the dealer and while there, stopped to look at some of their used bikes. I was admiring a nice Harley Glide when another 'propeller head' asks, "Why would you even LOOK at that crap!" (Yes, he was wearing BMW logo gear.)

I don't get it either. I guess some (many?) folks have a poor self image and need to express themselves through their brand culture. If you're not on MY brand living MY perceived lifestyle then you're not worthy. They buy a particular bike for it's image more than anything else.

It's not just brand either. Cruiser vs. tourers, sport bike vs. standard. Euro vs. American vs. Japanese...

I say nuts to them all. Wave to everyone and enjoy the ride! Real riders don't care what you're on, just that you are. Who cares about the posers anyway?

stumproast 03-20-2007 05:32 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I agree with JL Warrior-- a motor on two wheels is fun! I wave at everyone on two wheels even scooters. In Ontario, Canada almost everyone waves back; in Florida, almost no one does! But, I've never had any kind of confrontation about my bike --a KLR 650, though one guy, after admiring my ride, said "I'm saving for a real bike, a Harley." He had such an innocent look, I just said, "See you at Bike Week!" There's enough ugly stuff going on, like Hiliary for President, without moto-brothers adding to it.

ewok1 03-20-2007 05:32 AM

I'll admit it.
I say anybody on 2 wheels is a member of my tribe. In truth I sorta look down on cruiser riders. It's a problem. I know plenty of really good cruiser riders who were former racers or very experienced riders who just prefer riding a cruiser. Still I immediately conclude that somebody on a cruiser wants a heavy underpowered mount, especially of the american variety. I tell myself they ride from bar to bar, or maybe only one bar, and from there wobble home and polish chrome.

i'm a sport bike biggot. even though plenty sport bike riders don't realy ride either.

when i buy a gold wing finally, it'll feel like i have passed over to the dark side.

I need help.

silentgrayfellow 03-20-2007 05:47 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I don't see you getting many (if any) comments from people who have (as you describe) animosity toward people who don't ride what they are riding. And how about people who snub certain categories of bikes when they don't even own or ride themselves? I don't see those kind of people having a subscription to because it's subject matter isn't specific to the "right" kind of motorcycle. If you had brought this question up on a Harley or BMW or (insert brand/genre here) specific message board, you may have brought out some people with that mindset.

I ride with a local HOG (Harley Owner's Group) chapter, and although I haven't seen anyone in our chapter be unkind to someone on another brand, I have heard some negative remarks regarding bikes other than Harley-Davidsons. Most of those kinds of people have never owned anything other than a Harley, and "wouldn't own anything else". Which to me says they aren't really motorcyclists. They are "Harley riders".

I currently own a Harley, but I have owned several other brands of motorcycle, and will likely buy a second bike (non-Harley) because my Harley is not a do-it-all bike. I'm thinking DR-Z 400SM, but I'll wait to see how the new KLR comes out. I like the new Triumph Tiger too.

seruzawa 03-20-2007 05:56 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Personally I avoid anyone who puts down other riders merely because of the type of bike they ride.

Who even wants to hang around with such narrowminded and meanspirited losers? Most people outgrow those attitudes by the time they hit their 20s. Sadly some people just never progress emotionally.

What you're seeing is not anything unique to motorcyclists. A certain small percentage of the population is mentally deficient and insecure. These people have to invent reasons why they are better than everyone else. They pretend that they are superior because of the kind of bike or car or house or watch or whatever they possess. This attitude proves unequivocally that they are in reality inferior. The vile attacks on others' riding choices reaveals an awful lot about the vile character of the attackers.

pplassm 03-20-2007 06:01 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
This is probably a bad place to ask this question. With rare exception, MOrons are a very diverse and accepting group of riders. We don't understand it either.

kpaul, MR ALLCAPS, and THE HIGHWAYMAN will chime in now and prove me wrong.

echo15 03-20-2007 06:16 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I ride a '77 Bonneville...I get dissed by EVERYBODY. Harley riders look down at me, squids can't believe I would ride something so slow.

If you want to really see some bigotry, check out audiophile forums; the tube Vs. transistor controversy rages does the analogue Vs. digital war.

dorkboy 03-20-2007 06:23 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
The thing that prompted me to ask the question (or at least the most recent thing) was reading some of the posts here. I had kind of assumed the same thing, that people willing to pay to subscribe would be

"enthusiasts" more than brand or type loyalists. And I'm sure that's true, in general. I was a little surprised, though, at the almost vitriolic nature of some of the comments.

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