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anrajala 03-20-2007 07:57 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
How on earth people can recognize the bike brands on the oncoming lane while scooting down a mountain road? I would be too busy balancing the bike on the floorboard trying not to hit the bloody thing.

- cruiz-euro

boru4761 03-20-2007 07:58 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Umm. I'll have a double poseur latte, no whip, half caf with two splendas please. /lisp

bigjames 03-20-2007 07:59 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Well, I post a lot and am ignored as much as KPaul (or whatever he is called now) is slammed, so here goes.

I've been riding longer than most of you all have been alive. Started with 'jap junk' when it was just that. Waved at everybody then, not many waved back. Got more than my share of ribbing by my Harley riding friends back then. Took it then and now as good natured ribbing. Moved over to Harleys before "they" started riding them, waved at everybody, most didn't wave back. Early on got flipped off more than anything by the riders of other brands. BMW folks just cooly ignored the wave. Then I added BMWs to my stable, again waved at everybody, few waved back...but the BMW crowd started waving...have continued riding Harleys and BMWs (currently between BMWs, but a tasty older one has been picked out as the next victim) and noticed more and more folks waving back, from cruisers and sport bikes. But the rhetoric between brands continues, the most vocal being from the non-riding wannabe crowd that can be and should be ignored. They usually get the loudest when drunk. Then I went and got weird and added a sidecar to one of my Harleys. Damn, everybody waves at that thing. Recently added an older Goldwing (that's right, Harley rider finally bought a Honda) my arm gets tired waving back at folks...

So the point to all of this? There are recalcitrant pricks out there regardless of what you ride. Don't make their anal reaction to your politeness change what you do or how you feel about motorcycling in general. Also, many cruiser riders lust after the speed and handling of the sport bike and the many sport bike riders lust after the comfort afforded by most cruisers. Basically, it is just a good natured mind game when folks slam other riders and their bikes. A patch holder a while back summed it up best, for me at least, by saying "I really don't give a rat's ass what you ride as long as it makes you happy. I ride what I ride just because it does make me happy". So, be happy, wave amd if they don't wave back, wave until the pricks go by or wave need for you to be a prick becasue they are!

In other words, don't take the Cruiser Rider-Sport Rider crap to seriously. It is all in fun and, if they care to be honest, most of the sport bike crowd are going to end up on those bikes they revile because as you get older, you just don't bend as easy anymore...

anrajala 03-20-2007 08:03 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Whether they are posers or real riders, or interior designers or scuba divers, 25% of the people are snobs.

They don't know substance from the form so they focus on the easiest thing. The label.

- cruiz-euro

Holy_Kaw 03-20-2007 08:12 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Here! Hear!

beetsme 03-20-2007 08:13 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Unfortunately we all carry the prejudice gene, seems that every human is prejudice for or against something or someone. The Bible describes this as a sin nature. But, by way of explanation, here is what I think sets people off. There are those who take their riding seriously, maybe obsessively, riding schools, track days, hard riding and eventually they perceive themself and others like them as "real" riders. Then along comes the week end warrior, buys a bike he will never "pay his dues" learning to ride to its' limits, this warrior is condemned to the "also ran" status, not worthy to be seen with the"pros". And I suppose you can recreate a similar scenerio with regard to: touring riders, Harley faithful, Dirt riders, European sportbikers, etc.. I would like to say I have no prejudice but I know it isn't true. I'm sure I have looked down on the guy who shows up on the rat bike, you know, the guy with rusty pipes, bald tires, milk crate barely hanging off the back. I guess it comes down to the fact that his priorities concerning care and maintenance are different than mine. Why can't we all be the same? Hope that never happens.

longride 03-20-2007 08:13 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I don't hate anyone for what they ride. I hate everybody. Carry on.

sarnali2 03-20-2007 08:17 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
I think it comes from the whole manufactured image that ruffty tuffty "bikers" ride cruisers. The whole cruiser thing is a throwback to a time when that what was out there. If you were broke you rode an old clapped out Harley or an Indian, if you wanted the best in performance you bought a Brit bike. Either way as a motorcyclist you were on the fringe and there was a camaraderie between the camps because you were all riding basicaly unreliable bikes and you all had to have some mechanical skills.

Along comes the Japanese with friendly little two strokes and four strokes that anyone could afford and that didn't require a lot of skills to keep running and the dynamic changes into two seperate camps. On the traditional side of American and Brit iron is bunch of gearheads and on the Japanese side is all these fresh faces whizzing around in chino's and penny loafers.

Fast forward 40 years and Harley and then the Japanese bring back the old an' slow barges from that time and with them comes the bad-ass us vs. them image. Since most of these newbies and wannabes don't know or ever lived the heritage they buy into this spoon fed pablum and thus look down on "Jap Crap" because that's part of the persona.

What they don't realize and what tickles the sh*t out of me is the true rebels and outlaws today aren't the 50 year old accountants on their catalog customs and full line of Motor clothes Skull collections, it's those little bastards on the R1's and GSXR's doing 80 mph wheelies down I-5.

Buzglyd 03-20-2007 08:18 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
You hate everyone but me!

bigjames 03-20-2007 08:24 AM

Re: Why can't we all just...sniff...get along?
Gee, wish you had poster that 2 minutes earlier, would have saved me a lot of typing!

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