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Default Re: Sidehack does 170 mph!

Well, I'm always for more bike reviews especially if the bikes are a bit odd.

I wasn't refering to more news in terms of model releases, but I do know there is a lot of news out there about bikes in general. Performance mods, real world reports, small niche bike manufacturers, adventure tours. It was stated that there are 80 articles in line to be approved. I'm sure a good amount of them might be crap or repetitive, but they are out there.

Sort of got away from what I was getting at. If they had some cheap gimp pealing through submitted articles it would be a cheap and efficient way of updating the news.

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Default Re: Sidehack does 170 mph!

I actually used to do that when I interned at MO, and believe me when I say, the majority of the submissions aren't particularly newsworthy. I would scour press releases, go through all of the submissions, check various other websites, but discussion worthy topics in the niche of motorcycling were often few and far between.

As for the model releases you'll be hearing a ton about those in the next two months when the embargos are lifted and the bike shows begin. Performance mods, tours, real world reports are areas where MO does lack. Also, I think and I did suggest that keeping a long-term test fleet would be a good idea, but according to the editorial staff, it wouldn't provide a real perspective of what it means to live with the bikes as all scheduled maintenance would be provided for by the OEMs.

This is, however, where you the reader come in. MO is an interactive community, and has always been very accepting of well written reader reviews. For instance, and if memory serves me correctly, the user Pdad wrote some real world articles about a Buell, and it was published as a news item on MO. It was a damn fine piece of writing and quite informative. Unlike other moto-mags, MO is a site where the reader can really make and impression, and I would encourage you and any other readers out there to continue with your submissions. Though I am no longer with MO, I still see the incredible potential MO has, and believe that there is every opportunity to become the premiere resource for motorcyclists.
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Default Re: Sidehack does 170 mph!

Actually I haven't run the content side of MO since mid April.
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