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PsychoBueller 03-07-2002 09:34 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
I'll have the honor of the first post on this subject.

Congrats Erik! We're all proud of you.

john 03-07-2002 10:13 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
Congrats to eric.....its really neat to see a quirky individual find their own way to success. I will still never understand why he moves a whole motor up just to keep a 4 lb muffler lower though.......

answerman 03-07-2002 10:38 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
To keep the cases off the ground

Badwinger 03-07-2002 10:59 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
That's why it's called "mass centralization," not mass lowering. A motorcycle with the majority of its mass located below the axle centerlines would handle quite poorly and sluggishly. The idea is to be able to get that mass to change directions as quickly as possible, not to keep it as low in the chassis as possible. Or hung off to the side like most sportbikes, which sets up its own dynamics . . .

Grappelli 03-07-2002 11:11 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
It's why the new R1 has raised the engine 25mm.

john 03-07-2002 11:29 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
yeah yeah i understand the whole idea of a roll axis, but everything i have ever read about the firebolt says how much of a pain in the ass it was trying to find room for everything.....that is why the gas is in the was a solution created by the problem of the muffler being required under the motor........the motor was too high up for a regular gas tank.

His quirkiness and unorthodox approach is very interesting, just makes me wonder if it isn't different just for the sake of being different.

Eric 03-07-2002 12:26 PM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
One of the reasons it was such a pain in the ass finding room for everything is the incredibly short wheelbase -- I believe its close to 3 inches shorter than an R6 (the Buell is 52" even). It was also because he didn't want the airbox on the side of the engine the way it is on other Buells -- the "gas tank" is really the air box cover.

I don't think the engine is really raised all that much compared to other bikes -- most sport bikes route the exhaust under the engine anyway; there is a little less ground clearance on the Buell though (something that caused me a problem once upon a time). I do think some of the stuff is quirkiness, but some of it really works. Most test have noted that the single rim-mounted disk is not really any stronger than a convential brake, but it does allow for a significantly lighter wheel, reducing unsprung weight.

john 03-07-2002 01:02 PM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
Like I said, i applaud his efforts, and am always in anticipation with what his next creation will be.

Maybe some of the hype for the Firebolt rubbed me wrong.........from the reviews it left me thinking "why bother doing all this stuff for gains that are just noticeable at best?" It seemed like some of the advertising was trying to put a positive spin on things.........

But anyway, i got off the mark on the post.......its great to see him acknowledged.

mandrake_the_mollusk 03-08-2002 06:03 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
Obviously you've never held a stock Buell muffler in your hands if you think it weighs 4lb. It resembles something off a schoolbus, but it meets EPA and delivers power and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. IOW it works. That's how Erik does things, so that they work, and I guess he isn't bothered by people who call him quirky or worse.

john 03-08-2002 08:32 AM

Re: Erik Buell inducted into Hall of Fame
well then hold a good aftermarket muffler weighs less then a scared gerbil and dont exactly cost an arm and a leg, either. I would bet you that a factory muffler is more expensive to manufacture then a good aftermarket aluminum one. Suzuki has it right with their GSXR does yamaha with the R1 Ti canister. Just cuz its stock doesnt mean it has to be a POS.

SO maybe now you can see you can have something that works, but is more practical than a schoolbus, so you don't have to design a bike around it.

And quirky is a good thing.

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