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gt750 01-02-2002 07:21 PM

Re: MO goes Subscription
Well, after NOT being able to see the latest test, I just had to ante up! I bet a bunch of you cheapies will be doing the same very soon, once you have nothing cool to look at on the Web anymore! Actually, I am A Canadian, so I just gave $18.00!!! Still worth it, as a copy of Motorcyclist is now $5.00 on the Newstand!

Way to go M.O., at least you have the balls to try and make a go of it. Of course I still expect to see advertisements from companies wishing to sell things! Am I somehow allowed to copy certain articles to a CD if I wish or is that not allowed?

luvmyvfr 01-02-2002 07:44 PM

Old Subscriptions?
You guys are better than any print mag, because every day there is something new, if not from you guys, from the readers who respond with interesting opinions and comments. I thoroughly enjoy MO, and will be happy to pony up the dough when required. BTW, I donated when you guys went optional (I think I sent in $50, if memory serves). I don't want that $ to go for the next 4+ years, but I do wonder when I'll be asked to subscribe again. I'll be happy to do it as long as it's once a year, and a year from my last optional subscription. But even if that is an issue (can you track every members subscription?), I'll pay when required.



TheFox 01-02-2002 08:41 PM

Re: Keep the advertisements discreet!
I don't know if you noticed, but you can close the ad by hitting the little x in the lower right corner of the ad.


boxjoint 01-02-2002 08:48 PM

If I may make a suggestion, why don't you set up the site to have it's regular free content as well as its premium "pay per view" content to keep everyone happy? Example: Make the tests for the new R1, 954, Gixxer, and ZX9 free however, you must pay, ohh, something to the tune of $3.00 to see the shoot out and an additional $2.00 to have access to the video's and dyno charts. Using this method you will keep all of your viewers, would not have to explain away the advertising, and probably turn a higher profit. What sport bike rider do you know that would not be dying to read the shootout? Long term tests, off road, Personal Watercraft/Snowmobile and maintenece items would also cost the viewer a small fee.

I (as you can see by my username) am a regular reader of MO. I do have to be honest however, there were a lot of bikes that were never tested that deserved to be. Examples are the ZR7S, ZRX1200R, DRZ400S, XR650R etc....

I do enjoy this site but for the cost of a regular print ragg, I would have to go with the print ragg. I would however drop $3.00 here and $2.00 there to view comparo's and video's . Please don't take this as I am saying "You don't deserve the money" because you do. I realize that this site takes a lot of work. For me, I would not subscribe to the whole site because the content seldomly suites my tastes in motorcycleing.

Just a suggestion.

blip 01-02-2002 09:48 PM

Re: How can MO be trusted?
Come on, CarsSuck, you've been around here a while, you should know better. Once again:

Harleys do exceptionally well in cruiser shootouts, and we get horribly flamed every time they beat any metric cruiser. "Sellouts!" people whine, all the while being too ignorant to actually bother to find out that Harley has never, ever advertised a motorcycle on Motorcycle.Com.

We rank bikes based on fixed criteria, and how well we subjectively liked them, and have guest testers in our big shootous, always listing each person's votes with accompanying explanations. So we don't always like what you think should win, but life's different in the real world when you actually ride and live with a bunch of bikes back-to-back. Where's the bias? It's in a small minority of very vocal readers listening to marketing hype or succumbing to brand loyalty and flaming off 'cause their brand or perceived "best bike" didn't win.

It takes no courage to pick the bike everyone thinks should win or the ones from companies that don't advertise. It takes heaps of 'nads to pick the less-popular bike that we like more based on experience of actually riding and living with it, especially so if it's from a company that throws a pittance of their print budges at us.

What sucks is that we work exceptionally hard to make MO happen, and our content is the only major magazine whose copy isn't run through the ad department for "correctness." Why some readers think it's acceptable to come to our site, for free, and call us sellouts is beyond me. Swallow you ignorance and show some respect, or get out. If you choose the former, try intelligent posts about why you, personally, disagree with what we've written.

heart-of-sword 01-03-2002 12:11 AM

Re: MO goes Subscription
Sure dude, 12 buck a year is cheap for a moto mag. Just hope that you have more frequent bike reviews because the news section doesn't concern me alot. Btw I already donated, when will I be starting to pay again?

jshane 01-03-2002 02:20 AM

Re: MO goes Subscription
Forget it. Your content always starts out really good, but within four postings, every discussion thread degenerates into "Harley Suck" - "No, Japs Suck" - "No, you're stupid". It doesn't take twelve bucks for that kind of enlightenment. Just visit any kindergarten playground.

And that spinning Buell makes me want to do physical violence to my monitor.

farfeldinger 01-03-2002 03:36 AM

Re: MO goes Subscription
Good luck, but see you in the unemployment line. Nobody pays for internet content. Except for porn sites. Maybe you should look into adding that. It's been fun while it lasted. No shekels coming from me, thanks.

longride 01-03-2002 03:38 AM

Re: MO goes Subscription
The idea of subscription is fine from a profit standpoint, but I fear if the content does not improve substantially it may be short lived. Tests need more solid information, possibly add some tech tips, riding techniques, travel stories, rant column and things such as that. I have NO PROBLEM with profits, but the profit will probably fit the content of the site. I believe an additon to the staff of an old, experienced road vet might be a different angle on things. Kinda give a little kick in the pants to the tests. Hope you are very successful and make the site into what you want it to be.

boxjoint 01-03-2002 06:59 AM

Ohh Yeah, and one more thing.
In your post you state, " we did it for you. We strive to belong to only you, leaving other magazines to neuter their content for ad dollars."

If that is the case, then why do we have to pay even more than $11.95 to be able to shut off ad's?

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