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Default Hardley!

Hardley any more hypocrytical than you! Ah, we're both caught doing what the other did, and what got you so upset last time. Now, you're upset doing what I was doing? Probably not, just making your point, well, I'm telling you to do the same thing again. To relax, my friend

Oh, and please reread my above post, I said you didn't necessarily start it today, and to just let it slide. The only reason I posted was because I read the above posts too, and you and longride appeared to be stooping to the lowest levels of those responding to you. I'm glad you're having fun, though. That's what it's all about. So, was my subject clever too, as I disagreed with what you said?

To tell you the truth, I haven't seen a Harley broken down on the side of the road in all my travels. I've seen a few pulled behind another vehicle, but so what. I've had to do that myself when the wife wanted to come with me, but wasn't up for the ride, and didn't want to drive alone in the car behind me as I rode. Harleys are not bad bikes; they do what they're designed to do, and what the owners want them to do. Just tell them to go ride what they want, and that you'll ride what you want, and the animosity goes away. Not unlike these Japanese manufacturers, if we don't stick together when times are hard (i.e. current political arena re: motorcycles of all kinds) we might lose.

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Default Re: Update on Kawasaki/Suzuki merger

Yeah, they merged, into Triumph-Villiers-Norton, among other things, but they didn't die because they merged. They died because of competition from better, cheaper Japanese machines (and certain other socio-economic things going on at the time).
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Default Re: Update on Kawasaki/Suzuki merger

Ackchuly BSA Triumph merged in 1951, what killed them was trying to sell bikes that were state of the art in 1930 in 1969 the when Honda selling the CB750 for about the same cost as a Beezumph, Yamaha had a 350 for about half the price that would leave most brit bikes in the dust, and Kawasaki had a sub 1000 dollar bike (Mach III) that was the quickest bike you could buy.

In the 70's the British government forced a shotgun marriage merger between BSA Triumph and Norton Villiers, who at the time were holding their own with the Commando, which at least had a innovative vibration absorbing frame (which still lives on in HDs and Buells) to go with their old fashioned motor. This destroyed what was left of the British motorcycle industry in Britain, notwithstanding that the Meriden workers cooperative carried on till the 80's like a headless chicken that doesn't realize it is dead.

The BSA Triumph merger was quite successful initially as most people did not even know about it.

1968 was the first year it became really apparent as the two companies introduced the Rocket III and Trident triples, & the BSA/Triumph 250 singles) that were pretty much identical except for the name on the tank and some cosmetic details.

The 1950's and 60's were among the best years BSA Triumph had, but they did not use their market dominance to invest in developing modern bikes. Even the triple basically a triumph twin with an extra cylinder.

Whether Suzuki Kawasaki can succeed will depend on their ability to build bikes people will buy. Buyers of Kwackers and Suzies look for bang for the buck, a cheaper Harley clone, a cheaper or faster sport or touring bike than Honda or Yamaha. Before too much longer they will be competing with Chinese and Indian made bikes.
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Default Re: Update on Kawasaki/Suzuki merger

I think you are right on the money with your comments. The invester's

drive the market like it or not. Hopefully they will have

the foresight to realize that if they make BETTER bikes and not

CHEAPER bikes they will increase their profits and probably get a

bigger percentage of the market than the 18% they have now which will

make them even more money. The power is in the hands of the consumer!

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Default Re: If you knew anything about AMerican Jets...

yes significant us participation....thats where the crashin'gest part comes in ....
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