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Default Re: A Loud Motorcycle is a Safer Motorcycle

During the last summer a friend came to visit me from Europe and we went on a long motorcycle trip.

He was riding my CBX equipped with a loud 6 into 1 system while I was riding my second bike.

I simply couldnÂ’t ride behind him when he revved it above five grand.

Now IÂ’m looking for a quite 6 into 2 system for the CBX.

You may not care too much about your neighbors but what about your riding buddies?

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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

This sounds like a good move to me. I haved lived in foreign countries with strictly applied noise (and helmet) regulations for most of my life, and the whole 'give them a finger and they will take the whole arm' thing just doesn't fly. Helmet and pipe laws haven't changed in 20+ years in some of these places.

I live in the Laconia, NH (home of BikeWeek) area, and can't even drive my convertible with the top down during Bikeweek, unless I wear earplugs and helmet. Thanks (NOT) to all the biker rights / loud pipe supporters for respecting MY right to use a legal vehicle on a public road, or to enjoy a meal on the patio of my favorite restaurant.

You can hear the selfish pipers clear across the lake (about 10 - 15 miles where I live) at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Some of our town residents have already introduced a petition to restrict boat access to a local anchoring spot due to excessive boat noise.

Can bike noise regulations be that far behind? A lot of residents leave town during Bikeweek rather than put up with the boorish, loud behavior that comes with it.

Fortunately I have found that I can get a nice quiet ride during Bikeweek 10 miles away on a challenging, twisty back road, where you will pass 1 or 2 bikes in 30 miles.

Seems like the profilers are too busy deafening each other on the main routes. Or maybe there is the lack of an audience to impress. Or maybe they just can't go round corners...
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

Don't worry; lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc. will have their day in the barrel soon enough. The days of the flathead Briggs & ScrapIron lawnmower are numbered. Not only will they have noise limits, but emissions limits too.
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

If you're not joking, I think he's refering to the firing order, not the v angle.

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

Item 1: "Loud pipes save Lives."

Oh puhleese. If you are dumb enough to believe that one, I've got a "temporary" tax bill to sell you.

Item 2: "Weedwackers are just as bad."

More moronic babble. Have you ever had to stop a conversation because of a weed wacker 100 yards away? Yeah, lawn equip is too loud, but it is getting quieter. Ever listen to a recent Honda lawnmower?

Item 3: "It's my right to make noise and I like it."

No point in arguing with that. Kinda like wrestling with a pig. Not enough maturity to have an intelligent discussion.

Item 4: "X sounds good, Y sounds bad."

Ear of the beholder. I like screaming 600's and ripping 2 strokes, but my girlfriend doesn't.

Bottom line, if you impose yourself on someone else, they will fight back. "Impose" in this sense can be interpreted as anything that commonly causes average people to cringe when the bike goes by.
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Default Hate to Ruin It with Facts, but...

The Hurt Report said that those with loud pipes are more likely to have an accident. Apparently the guys who need loud pipes to keep from being hit don't do a very good job watching for threats (or maybe they can't hear approaching cars, the sounds of engines seizing, etc.). Loud jackets, helmets and horns save lives, but loud pipes just keep you from being hit by the guys watching TV in their living roooms as you ride past. What good does projecting a lot of sound rearward to when 75% of the threats are up front?

Loud pipes are illegal everywhere, but nobody, from the EPA down to the local cops, enforces those laws. Maybe a $3000 fine will make it worth enforcing and end one of our biggest problems, at least in one area.
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

Too loud is just too loud, period. And we all know, a lot of the guys with loud pipes, cruiser or sportbike, just like to make a lot of noise and draw attention. Whatever the reason, I don't really care, it's rude and offensive.

I am regularly woken up in the summer by my neighbour leaving for work at 5:30 on his Harley, with pretty loud if not straight pipes. It's not a bad sound, as these things go, it's just loud. When he starts it up and lets it idle in his driveway that early in the morning, it's just damn annoying.

And then of course there's the behaviour of these jerks. A sensible person with a loud exhaust would take it easy in areas where they might annoy others. Many guys on cruisers, otoh, deliberately use full throttle every time they pull away from a stop, so as to maximize the noise. I've seem small children cover their ears as I approach, no doubt expecting an ear-shattering racket as I go by, only to be surprised by how little noise my bike makes. BTW, children have a natural response to excessive noise, they haven't become conditioned to it like us adults.
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Default Re: Hate to Ruin It with Facts, but...

Hmmm..... If you are going to ruin things with facts, how about getting some? Get some knowledge of physics while you are at it. Loud(er) pipes can be heard forward of the bike, which is why louder bikes are under represented in accidents involving wildlife and livestock. Guess deer and cows don't like loud pipes either.

There is nothing wrong with louder pipes. Those obnoxious straight through pipes are a bit much and damage low end performance and torque besides (which in theory is what a cruiser is about anyways.) All they are is about noise and being obnoxious.

I know a few people with harleys tuned for real world performance. They are probably sitting between 86 and 90 dBs. (Realise that 80 dBs is probably what your stereo is at if you have it at a decent level.) And I know they don't go over 96 to 100 dBs.
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Default The internet is a safe place for you to vent

and say the kind of stuff that if we were face to face you would not have the balls to say.

If you were within reach I'd make you eat each of your hateful words one by one.

Consider yourself lucky that I'm not interested in your vile opinions enough to do anything about you other than express my contempt here.
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Default Our own Yahoos must think you meant "countrywide"

This story was about one county in one state and people on this messageboards reacted like the cops were going to confiscate all our scoots unless we all tiptoed around with stock exhaust systems.

A remarkable amount of heat was generated from such a small thing that had not yet even happened.

Good Job, MO! We might as well know who our friends are not, and how even though we all ride, we differ too much to remain civil.
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