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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

Absolutely right. My bike is louder than when cracked wide open so I don't unless I'm on the open highway or a desolate place. I want NO regulations on how loud my bike can be so I treat it accordingly.

I got stopped once a million years ago and the cop said... "if you're going to act like an *******, I'm going to treat you like an *******." Words of wisdom. You pretty much get what you deserve
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

but the opposition would quip that weedwackers, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers serve a productive and useful role.

They would counter that race pipes or drag pipes on motorcycles serve no useful role outside of a race track. Few people run weedwackers for their pleasure...

Good Point. Dogs do not serve as a productive and useful roll, quite the contrary -- unless you are a sheep herder, DEA officer, or need an attack weapon you do not need a barking dog. 99.9999999% of obnoixious dogs are for "pleasure" only.
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Default If I had red lights and sirens, wouldn't need loud pipes

The idea is to get the attention of drivers in one's vicinity. Some bikers also like to look too scary to mess with, as in, watch out for me! As a red-light-siren user, you get the kind of respect and notice the rest of us can only envy. Everybody lets you through, nobody wants you right behind them.

All the training in the world can vanish with one good knock on the head. I had one like that (plane crash) and had to relearn how to ride a motorcycle. I know I'm not as smart, but I think I'm a safer cyclist.

Maybe it's just a Berkeley thing, this personal freedom idea. Consideration and respect must be shared, can't be dictated. The other thing, nobody gets written for loud pipes on our very popular cycle street, which is fair, considering the turbo diesel buses which also use it make far more noise and at worse times of the day than any bike.
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Default Re: Noise regulations pending

You know, I think a good way to "fight back" is to lobby for making CAR ALARMS adhere to decibel-level restrictions... I mean, it's not like anybody pays attention to them anyhow, they're just fooking useless and annoying. You ever wonder why people set the damn things before they wander off into the MALL?! Yeah... you're going to be 1/2 a mile away or more, inside multiple walls in a noisy MALL and you think your car alarm will make the slightest bit of difference? I think not.

And the neighbors cat jumps on his car, or a bus drives by and the fooking thing is going off outside your door at 3:00 am. :[

Sorry to go off on a rant... can you tell I hate car alarms?
People are more violently opposed to fur than leather, because it\'s safer to harass rich women than bikers.
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Default Re: Harlies and sportbikers

I own a ZX9R and you cant even hear my bike when i am riding, yet i can still hit 180 mph on the speedo. Why these people think that they have to really loud to be fast confuses me. I think the Harley guys have small ****s and they need something to make them feel macho. still not sure about that one. Maybe i will ask some of their wives about that.

The girl down the street has a Roadking. It is a beautiful bike, but because her girlfriends were teasing her. "Start that thing up, were leaving". She went out and put on this exhaust that sounds like crap and robs the thing of power. Now her friends can hear her bike is running, and i guess thats the important thing with the HOG family.

Personally, i like to ride fast, and the less noise i make doing so, the better it is for me and the cops cant hear me coming.

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Default Re: A Loud Motorcycle is a Safer Motorcycle

I have friends who ride Harleys, and other friends who ride Sportbikes. And the guys on the Harleys wreck their bikes more often than the guys on the sport bikes. So noise has nothing to do with being safe. It all comes down to the rider, not the bike, and definately not the obnoxious noise coming out of the 2" tube you call an exhaust.

JOKE : Whats the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ???

ANSWER: The location of the Dirt Bag
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Default Re: Noise regulations NOT needed!

Exactly. If loud pipes, or loud noise of any kind really saved lives, then no one would ever hit an emergency vehicle with its sirens on.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Musical???

SOME sportbikes sound more like a very loud dentist drill or bee trapped in a tin can. Horrible. SOME actually sound good (only Triumph triples sound truly superb though). A lot has to do with the type of aftermarket exhaust installed.

Same goes for Harleys/other large-displacement V-twin cruisers. Some aftermarket systems sound good. A few sound great. Drag pipes sound OTOH sound utterly obnoxious and take away power right where cruisers are supposed to have it, which makes them utterly dumb too. Can't see any reason to have them other than to be annoying unless one subscribes to the highly questionable theory that "loud pipes save lives." I have to agree with you on that.
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Default Re: Nope. Don't confuse yourself.

Actually I'm not that judgemental, it's just that I've read posts in the past where you flaunt your plane, over-priced Harley, etc.. Impressive...NOT !! If it's fun for you to set off car alarms then good for you. I also read about your disdain for doctor's. Funny I bet you weren't saying that when they put your as$ back together after an accident. I have friends that are "real" and even some like you..but I don't really consider arrogant idiots as friends.
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Default Quiet pipes save ears, and rights

Perhaps this column is getting off-track. We started by discussing loud pipes but now discuss all sorts of noise pollution, other losers, and stupid people.

My two cents:

If loud pipes were aimed forwards and sideways, they MIGHT save lives. Currently, they're aimed backwards. They don't save lives.. they just lose motorcyclists' rights by pissing off all the neighbors.

We as motorcyclists need to take the initiative to protect our freedoms by living reasonably and consideratively. Sure, loud pipes are fun; but keep them at the track, where they, and the typical behavior that goes along with them, are legal and belongs. We need to respect other people so our freedom does not get taken away. Police, please enforce noise laws regarding motorcycles. Both the world and the motorcycling community will be a better place.
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