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Daniel_Gerous 10-31-2000 09:13 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
Try registering. It only hurts a little.

turnandburn 10-31-2000 11:56 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
Wow, another place to buy over priced Davidsons, just in case you can't find exactly what you need from the 125 or so for sale in the classifieds in your local paper, 1800 for sale at the classified 2000 site, 500 for sale in your local News on Wheels, 35 for sale on the bullitin board at the local Davidson Shop, or the 50 for sale on E-Bay.

IceWorm 10-31-2000 12:52 PM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
Christ that is funny. I am still laughing. Praise the Lord and pass the tool kit, and many of those bikes for sale are Girlster 883s and 1200s. Harley Davidson Girlster, Americas most favorite bike to own for three weeks.

IceWorm 10-31-2000 01:19 PM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
And when you find out anyone still want to live next door to you? Uhhh, anyone want to live next door before you find out? I am guessing NOT!

lanesplitter 10-31-2000 09:27 PM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
Hey,Goddamn it.

Some of us overweight,out of shape,middleage guys really resent your implying that we all ride Harleys.

Recant this putrid falsehood or you shall hear from our lawyer.

IceWorm 11-01-2000 12:36 AM

Another Overweight,Out of Shape, Non Davidson Rider
Yep, what he said.

IceWorm 11-01-2000 03:16 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
There are plenty of laws already on the books that restrict sound levels and I don't see officers of the law breaking their backs enforcing existing sound level restrictions. Honestly, Cops probably have better things to do with their time even though when a Davidson goes by my house with drag pipes it really pisses me off. Truth be told, if an officer responds a little faster when my house is being robbed because he is not tied up writing a sound level ticket, I am basically happy.

Modsmasher 11-01-2000 07:36 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
It is always fun to blast the silly Harley guy who makes really stupid comments about them....

Thanks for not being that guy

turnandburn 11-01-2000 08:55 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
OK Rod, now I am starting to understand. Now I know what really is bugging you about us non Davidson riders. You worked real hard and spent all that money and it really just irks you to death that there could be someone who is not just dying to have a Girlster or big twin. More than just someone really, how about thousands of us Jap, BMW, Ducati, Guzzi, riders that wouldn't have a Davidson if you gave us one. And you bought one thinking we would be so jealous. We walk by you bike and don't look. That's what really pisses you off, ain't it?

john 11-01-2000 09:39 AM

Re: HDTrader Now Online
Are you kidding? a harley takes more skill to pilot in the twisties than a sportbike? Show me countersteering on a harley. Show me a harley with more than 19 degrees on the left side and 17 degrees of lean on the right side. A harley doesn't have the power to get a rider in trouble.

I ride a dyna super glide with a 89 inch stroker in it, and it can't even break the back end lose coming out of a 20mph corner. A 600 would be pitifully underpowered if it couldn't do that.

Now, if you said that a harley takes a lot more effort to get the same pace as a sportbike i might agree- but harley brakes aren't exactly confidence inspiring afternine or ten hard-braked corners

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