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devil_clown 11-03-2000 04:11 PM

Idiocy Has Reached Critical Mass
After reviewing the last billion statements, it amazes me how P.C. everyone really is. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. It just amazes me. I, however, am not so P.C. Yes, if you ride without a helmet, I say you're a . Not because of where you live or what you ride, it just simply makes you a in my book. The ONLY reason I am glad to see another rider riding without a helmet is the pure satisfaction that comes from knowing if we are both speeding together down the same stretch of highway and Johhny Law Dog needs to get his quota on speeding tickets so that Little Johnny can get that new train set for Christmas, he/she pulls YOU over instead of me every time. Question it? Try it. Look for me when you do. I enjoy watching you pay for the ticket. So a big thanks goes out to you not riding with a helmet. It makes Johnny's kid happier during the Season and makes me smile every time you pay for a ticket that was most likely mine to begin with. Better buy a helmet while you can still afford one. My.....oh yeah....YOU'RE tickets generally aren't cheap.

Devil Clown

devil_clown 11-03-2000 04:28 PM

I got the point and F4? You might be a redneck if........
I understood your point. (As long winded as it was.) I was merely commenting on your last statement about the pipes. I whole heartedly believe they save lives. It would actually be nice if they would come from the manufacturer that way. (Other than those Harley P.O.S.'s that sound that way due to bad timing.)

Colorado_F4? Hmmmmmmmm....... You don't support the "Marry My Own Sister" Foundation out of Arkansas do you? You haven't recently sold your double wide for that Geo Metro with the $1000 boom box have you? Hey, if the dealer didn't care when he sold Cletus a Metro, and the Realator didn't care when he sold his double wide to by the sound system and the sterio shop didn't care when he spent the $1000 on a sterio that's worth more than his car, why should I trust his taste of music? **Mental Note Colorado** No playing your fiddle while you're driving! You may inadvertantly miss your spitoon and get some "backy" on yer windshield. Geeew Gew gew!!

Devil Clown

devil_clown 11-07-2000 05:44 PM

Hmmmm...... Why can I say asshole but not ?
M.O? If you are going to sensor me, why f u c k e r? Pttttthhhhhh!!!! F U C K E R! I can listen to any highschooler and get a variety of colorful metaphores but not the "F word" huh? Wonder why this is?

Devil Clown

caderider 12-05-2000 05:18 PM

Re: Maxim Magazine Helmet Question
Hey!! I'm a fat people! :)

And I love my Cavalcade!

caderider 12-05-2000 05:22 PM

Re: Maxim Magazine Helmet Question

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