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jamesohoh7 09-26-2001 03:54 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
Not me! ... no valves... two-strokes rule...'nuff said! :) ... I need to go dig out the old bumper sticker I had on my Camaro in high-school so MANY years ago!..."sucking gas and hauling ass!"

(the following not directed towards 'student'... I just don't feel like posting twice... :) )

Hell, talk about living on borrowed time, the stroker-crowd has been dodging the EPA/etc... for years. It can be done... and before anyone gets self-righteous... it -is- a drop in the bucket, and it is way less than even one neighborhood's worth of lawnmowers and weed-eaters on an average weekend. Going after such a small segment is merely a gesture to appease the enviro-crats (all piloting the largest SUV's you've ever seen, BTW) "see! we're doing something!.. now I can sleep soundly at night... all snuggled up with my warm, fuzzy self-righteousness!" 'Gotta start somewhere?'.. start at the TOP then... where it will have an actual impact... token gestures won't fix the world's pollution issue. And we certainly -should- go after the other countries who pollute more... why should they get a free pass? Even if we stopped adding to our laws, we're STILL better than a good chunk of them. If we got them all to buy into just our meager level of compliance, we'd be better off in spades than by attacking (only?) motorcycles in the U.S. If fixing the problem is -really- important, then fix it... regardless of the borders. You don't put out a house-fire by watering down just the kitchen.. you attack the WHOLE FIRE... and primarily, where its burning the most!.. pouring water on just a smoldering section while there's a blaze at the back of the house is not very effective, now is it.

I agree with the guy who said the EPA would do better to attack the commercial vehicle industry first. The plumes of smoke billowing out of just one rig must be 1000's of times worse. They won't go after those people because their lobbies are stronger... ours isn't. We're easier to pick on... plain and simple. Yes, I'd expect to pay more for just about all of my goods due to the increase costs of shippers buying new 'clean' trucks... the increase would be fractional, at best... big whoop... suck it up.

argh... not enough coffee yet!? 'flame on!' :)


Nepenthe 09-26-2001 03:57 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
I'm going to do my part by boycotting any bike sold under the new restrictions. That'll show 'em.

jamesohoh7 09-26-2001 04:00 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!.. 'dog muffler'!.. outstanding!... love it! :)... anyone that has ever lived next to a neighbor with a loud-ass dog should be on board with that one! ... 'simulated cheese product'... GOVERNMENT CHEESE!! yargh!

very funny.. man, I needed a laugh... I salute you!

jamesohoh7 09-26-2001 04:03 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
Yep... doncha love hypocrisy!... how many enviro-crats pilot those SUV's I wonder... hmmm.

jamesohoh7 09-26-2001 04:04 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
so opinions don't count anymore?... stop the presses! (literally!) :)

Nepenthe 09-26-2001 04:21 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
Well, I wouldn't assume that just because the 'smoke' coming out of the pipes of large commercial vehicles is clearly visible that they are polluting to some gigantic degree. Much of that could be relatively harmless water vapor, for instance. Until we know the facts about that, it's pointless to vilify commercial trucks.

Also, commericial vehicles may be seen as a 'necessary evil'--part of the infrastructure of the country, and therefore exempt from close examination for the time being.

If the EPA said something like "No more motorcycles, period, starting tomorrow", the stores would still get their goods, the markets would still roll on unperturbed, and the US economy would be intact. It's only parsimonious to go after the marginal, easy targets like motorcycles first--the cost to society is very low. Apart from a few poor souls whose only transportation is a motorcycle, bikes are just recreational or hobby vehicles, not essential to the smooth operation of day to day life and the economic well-being of the country as a whole. Face it, we're talking about toys.

On the other hand, the marginal benefit of requiring every shipper to purchase and use new 'clean' trucks for everything might be far outweighed by the jolt to the economy that might produce at this time. A more subtle, incremental approach might be advised with respect to commerical vehicles, considering their huge role in keeping the store shelves stocked and business moving.

das 09-26-2001 05:31 AM

Re: Sound restraints aren't enforcible

You're generally correct that it's easier to enforce regulations on manufacturers than on the consumers, but your example of helmets is a poor one. There are thousands of illegal motorcycle helmets for sale and in use today. They may have a sticker inside that says "DOT" on it, but that doesn't mean that they are legitimate.

One issue with exhausts in particular, is that most of the ones that are illegally used on the street are not illegal to manufacture or sell. They are specifically labeled as being for closed-course racing use only. If the consumer chooses to ignore this, and installs it on motorcycle that then gets used on the street, it's not the exhaust manufacturer's fault.

As for enforcing sound laws... how about: at 1 meter from the side while sitting still, run the bike through the first 75% of it's rev range, and take the peak readout from the SPL meter built into the radar gun. If it's over X decibels, it's a small penalty, if it's over Y decibels, it's a big penalty. I'm guessing that most of the ones that people notice are so far over the legal limit there will be very little room for debate.

das 09-26-2001 05:46 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
After careful examination, I was able to find one... :)

battery contents really are much worse for the environment than gasoline

...which would imply that your post had no facts, but let's not go there...

das 09-26-2001 05:48 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
I have a great idea for what to name the government cheese: "soylent orange"

hindle 09-26-2001 05:51 AM

Re: New Streetbike Emissions
If they are going to enforce the already outlawed aftermarket pipes then they need to start outlawing all the high powered stero systems, and big fat noisy exhausts on all those imports people like to hop up, and all the old muscle cars from the 60's and anything else they feel like clamping down on.

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