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numbnutz 09-16-2001 12:46 PM

Re: Please don
you are well informed 20 year old!!!!God bless.

starvingstudent 09-16-2001 05:58 PM

Re: Please don
Thank you. But since it appears that Bush is following the suggestions of the majority of the US (immediate military action), and not the minority view which I subscribe to, let us pray that I am completely wrong, and others here are 100% right, that we WILL capture Bin Laden, and that our Bush's policy WILL prevent terrorism in the future. Because that's what matters in the end.

cbusa 09-17-2001 03:31 AM

Re: LimeSqueezr
I agree with both you and Limesqeezers opinions about governments. Which is why I live in the US. As little representation as we get in our government it is more than most other countries. That is the way we have been raised to think in this country, so it makes perfect sense to me.

The only problem with trying to free these oppressed countries is that the people who live there may not see our way as being better. They were not raised to think that way. I think this is at the core of the US's trouble with the middle east. We keep assuming that the populace of these countries think our way is better, they don't. There are plenty of people in middle eastern countries who can leave but choose not to.

hindle 09-17-2001 07:14 AM

Re: Post-attack Motorcycle Updates
We created Osama when we supported the Afgahn's fight against Russia. Had they lost the fight things would have been different. Winning that war only opened eyes and made them believe they could defeat any so called Super power including America. It was at that point Osama started down the path that has taken him to where he is today.

At any rate the Terroists have gone to far this time. The game is over. Military action is only a matter of time. If we do not rage war against the terrorists and all those that support them we will continue to suffer loss of life here in our home land. We did nothing when they bombed the Naval ship in Yemen. We bombed empty camps after the US embassy bombings in Africa. This time they attack us on our home soil and killed thousands. It's gone on long enough. There is no peaceful way to deal with these issues. They have proven time and time again that they have no fear, no shame and are willing to do anything to kill as many of as possible.

The terrorists network and all it's supports must be distroyed if we are to protect our freedom and way of life in this country.

Make no mistake America is going to war. It will be a long war. This won't be another Desert Storm. We won't just bomb the out of some country and they decalre victory in a couple of weeks.

To distroy the Terrosists network will require ground troops and specially directed attacks. People will die. As much as I don't want to see anyone get hurt thinking of the alternatives really scare me!

doohan 09-29-2001 03:22 PM

Re: Post-attack Motorcycle Updates
I agree with you 110%. Sorry for all you people who think everything can be solved with sanctions

and harsh words...this is not true. Unfortunatly our options are limited, but to be honest I'm tired of these diplomatic politically correct responses. Time to get down to work and let the world know that all these people did was harden our resolveand wake a slumbering giant That whole area of the world has had a MAJOR ass kicking coming for a long time.

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