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Default Re: God Bless America

Nice to see Harley stepping up to the plate to help in this time of need. Read the press release here:

<a href="http://www.harley-davidson.com/CO/NEW/en/PressRelease_date.asp?bmLocale=en_US&WebLogicSessi on=O6KYJLoSWBXFywr1M98JhPPassy2Q2zzp7CrYq8UUzoK1z2 cvdAk1cEPn32zvwVin2tvEnDZW8Y3|6859515512028063302/181208361/5/7001/7001/443/443/-1&id_in=282&dspmm=9&dspyy=2001&FROM=NEWS">
http://www.harley-davidson.com/CO/NEW/en/PressRelease_date.asp?bmLocale=en_US&WebLogicSessi on=O6KYJLoSWBXFywr1M98JhPPassy2Q2zzp7CrYq8UUzoK1z2 cvdAk1cEPn32zvwVin2tvEnDZW8Y3|6859515512028063302/181208361/5/7001/7001/443/443/-1&id_in=282&dspmm=9&dspyy=2001&FROM=NEWS</a>
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Default Condolences from South Africa

As a South African of very strong Irish roots I would just like to say a couple of words on the terrible tragedy that has befallen America and the Free World

Today, in South Africa, and as a staunch Irishman we share your suffering as if it were ours. The bonds that join our two Nations (the US and Ireland) were originally forged in similarly difficult times. For us, the diaspora of the Famine in Ireland when America befriended a desperate people, for you the present travails.

You will have lost friends in this Tragedy, we are not so directly affected but our emotions are as if they were our friends also. Evil visited the World last Tuesday, itsÂ*calling card was death to innocents.

The legacy of this Tragedy is an almost unspeakable sadness but also a reaffirmation of the Spirit of Man. Amid the death in Manhattan something was born, a sense of togetherness and community both in your Country and throughout the World. This is the Testament of the fallen, those unknown by name will be rememberedÂ*not only by the manner of their death but by the ultimate dignity of Life itself.

May you all be strong and prevail through this terrible time, and use all manner of means to bring the savages that committed this atrocity, to book.

Stay on Two Wheels,

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